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There is an increasing drug and alcohol addiction trend in the state of Utah. Statistics show that over 2.8 percent of Utah’s residents suffer from alcohol and drug addiction. Admissions in addiction rehab centers has increased 30 percent in top Utah rehab centers for drug and alcohol addictionthe past year. With addiction rehab centers cost rising, it can be a challenge to find treatment for you or your loved one. Elite Rehab Placement is a no cost placement service that places you or your loved one in the right treatment center based on needs, schedule, insurance and budget, we’ll make sure to get you into one of the Top Utah Rehabs.

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Insurance– Elite Rehab Placement has insurance experts that will go over your coverage and out of pocket expenses, if any. Dealing with insurance can be a burden and we don’t want you to receive any “surprise” expenses. Our insurance experts deal directly with your insurance provider. For non-insurers, we will find a rehab addiction treatment center based around your price point.

Personalized Placement– Our mission is to make you feel comfortable during your recovery process. Our counselors will get to know you and form an emotional bond, so they can place you in the best treatment center possible based on your needs, schedule, budget and insurance.

Travel Assistance– In some cases, the right treatment center is not around the corner. If an addiction treatment center in Utah is not the right fir, we can place you somewhere out of state. We will assist with travel arrangements, if needed.

No cost– By calling Elite Rehab Placement, you or your loved is under no obligation to use our service. Our time is absolutely free. Our mission is to help you fight addiction.

Elite Rehab Placement counselors are available 24 hours a day to help you work through your addiction needs. Please give us a call at 888-329-6995 to speak to one of our counselors, they’d love to help you find the right Rehab Center in Utah.

Health insurance often covers some, or all of the cost of addiction treatment. To find out if your insurance will cover some, or all of the cost, of addiction treatment at one of our Utah Rehab Centers, allow us to verify your benefits for you.

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Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers Near Utah

If your best treatment option isn’t inside of Utah, you could explore neighboring states like:

Traveling for Treatment

While it’s comfortable to be close to home, the majority of specialists think that leaving behind the people, places, and things from every day life, is usually a good move on the way to recovery. Finding the ideal rehab option should be the primary objective. If that rehab facility is beyond the borders of your state, you should not let a plane ride stop you from receiving the best help possible. Alcohol and drug addiction can be overcome, and an addiction treatment program which is the appropriate fit is a major piece of that.

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Beaver County, UT
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Weber County, UT