The Best Drug Rehab Centers in Texas

Recovery is a challenge – but we can help. Elite Rehab Placement works with some of the best rehabs in Texas to give you the best shot at sobriety.


We Can Help You Find the Best Drug Rehab Centers in Texas

top Texas rehab centers for drug and alcohol addictionDrug and alcohol addiction is on the rise in the Lone Star state. Studies show that over half of Texans who abuse substances start as early as high school. Alcohol and drug abuse is starting to become a frightening trend in Texas, and those who are seeking help with addiction might find it difficult with the rising cost of addiction rehab centers.

How can we help? Elite Rehab Placement is a no-cost placement service that works with the best addiction treatment centers in Texas, and all over the county. We do all the research and will place you in one of the best rehabs in Texas based on your needs, schedule, insurance and budget. If there isn’t a good fit in Texas, don’t worry – we’ll help you expand your search nationwide to find the rehab center that’s right for you.

The benefits of contacting Elite Rehab Placement

No Cost – Our service focuses on placing you or your loved one in the best treatment center to meet your needs for recovery. If an addiction treatment center is not the right fit in Texas, we will assist with finding a center out of state. Our mission is to make life easier for you or your loved one’s recovery process.

Counselors – Our counselors will get to know you to better understand your needs, schedule, insurance and budget so they can place you in the best treatment center possible.

Travel Assistance – Many of our clients prefer to receive treatment out of state. In some instances, being away from home can decrease the likelihood of a relapse and increase the success rate of your recovery. If that’s the case, we can help with travel arrangements: from ticket purchasing to picking you up at the airport, we’re with you on your journey to recovery.

Insurance – We provide insurance assistance to go over your coverage and out of pocket expense, if any. Dealing with insurance can be a struggle, so we’re here to help.

Dual Diagnosis – It’s important for you or your loved one to receive the correct treatment, or else you may not have a successful recovery. Often times, the main cause for alcohol or drug addiction is due to other factors like anxiety or depression. A conversation with one of our counselors can help to determine if you or your loved should go to a dual diagnosis treatment center.

How Much Does Rehab in Texas Cost?

Every person and every addiction is different – so it follows that no two treatment plans will be the same. The cost of each plan will differ based on a lot of factors, including where you go, what kind of treatment you want, and how long you stay. To speak to one of our counselors and find out just how much your treatment will cost, call us risk and cost-free, at 949-276-2886.

Health insurance often covers some, or even the entire cost of addiction treatment. To find out if your insurance will cover some – or all – of the cost of addiction treatment at an alcohol and drug rehab center in Texas, allow us to verify your benefits for you.

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Traveling for Treatment vs Staying in Texas

Being near home for rehab is wonderful, but the majority of specialists think that getting away from the people, places, and things that are a part of your everyday life is an incredibly important and essential step on the road to recovery. Choosing the best rehab option should always be the main target. If that option is beyond the borders of your state, you should not let the price of a plane ticket dissuade you from receiving the most beneficial treatment possible. We can help cover the cost of travel to help you get the care and attention you need. Drug and alcohol dependency can be overcome, and a rehab program that is the best fit for you is the most important part of a successful recovery.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers In and Around Texas

When your top detox or rehab option isn’t in Texas, you could look to surrounding states like:


Popular Counties in Texas

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Denton County, TX
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Tarrant County, TX
Travis County, TX
Williamson County, TX

Popular Cities in Texas

Austin, TX El Paso, TX Dallas, TX
Fort Worth, TX Houston, TX San Antonio, TX