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Non-12 Step Rehab Treatment

The twelve step program is an addiction treatment method that has primarily been used to help alcoholics beat addiction. This program has had varying degrees of success, which has led to a number of patients to seek alternative treatments. These choices have known to be called non-12 step rehab programs. These non-12 step recovery programs focus on drug or alcohol detox, rehabilitation, and ongoing aftercare. These programs can include therapy, self-esteem building, and physical health. There is no clear definition of what a non-12 step program is, some take a more holistic strategy while many other non-12 step programs take a more scientific approach.

It is important to consider your options when choosing a non-12 step rehab treatment center. Let us walk you through the options and help you decide which non-12 step recovery program works best for you. We will listen to your case and help guide you on the path to wellness once more.

Non-12 Step Recovery Programs

A non-12 step program uses more scientific rationale in aiding the addict to see why they are addicted and how they can best fight it. In a non-twelve recovery program, you might engage in online chat or live therapy sessions, where every person shares their experiences. Counseling will also be a huge component of what you experience while in a 12 step treatment program as well as non-12 step plan. You might have other conditions, and this program will be especially helpful with dealing with that issue.

Another part of the non-12 step treatment program is mental health care. If you have a behavioral addiction, you will need changes to your diet, medications, and other treatments in order to help fight your addiction.

Non-12 Step Alcohol Rehab

In non-12 step alcohol treatment programs, you will find the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) will not be used. Instead, you will be introduced to research-based approaches, which employ cognitive behavioral therapies. Sometimes, these non-12 step programs for addiction will be intensive and relatively short, and can be in the realm of only 5 days.

All your information will be confidential, and you might not see other patients when going through the process. You may want to choose a longer program, such as a 90-day non-12 step drug treatment program, if you think that will work better for you. The longer the program, the more comprehensive it will be

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Non-12 Step Drug Rehab

Twelve step programs mainly treat alcoholism. On the other hand, non-12 step recovery programs are much broader and can be incorporated to treat addictions to other substances. You might be offered an initial 90-day program with a cognitive therapy focus, but your treatment might continue after the therapy is completed.

You will be introduced to private therapy and life skills courses that will help you be more productive in society. The non-12 step drug treatment is geared towards strengthening the patient so that they can leave the facility to confront their addiction and start leading a sober life. The program focuses on personal responsibility, allowing the addict to take responsibility for their previous actions and learning from mistakes.

How to Choose the Best Non-12 Step Rehab Center

When choosing your best non-12 step rehab center, you will want to make sure it has the features for your needs. You will want to consider some of the differences between non-12 step recovery programs and traditional 12-step treatment programs. You must make sure you are comfortable and that the treatment matches your needs. All the while, you will want to consider some of the belief systems non-12 step recovery programs have and how non-12 step rehab should actually work. We have pointed out some important elements to consider for you:

The main difference between non-12 step rehab centers from their 12 step counterparts is that addiction is not treated as a disease.  The non-12 step recovery program will tell you that you have control over your addiction.

You will encounter various non-12 step rehab center focusing on medicine as an integral part of your recovery program. This could include prescription recommendations for opiate, alcohol and stimulant addictions.

Often seen in non-12 step rehab centers are different holistic treatments. This might include acupuncture, yoga and meditation, exercise, and other activities. You might find various spiritual exercises such as those from East Asian or Native American traditions.

Other Non-12 step rehab centers may see trauma as an underlying reason for the addict’s drug abuse. Private therapeutic counseling might be given to those addicts, and this is not something found in most 12-step rehab centers.

If you think that a non-12 step program is right for you, please call us today. We will counsel you on the best available treatment options and work with your insurance company. This is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, so get the help you deserve with our professional counselors at Elite Rehab Placement.

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