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Substance Abuse: Signs, Symptoms, Treatment, and More

Substance abuse is when you use psychoactive substances like alcohol and drugs for a plethora of reasons. substance abuse is becoming more widespread as many drugs become legalized and available to yourself and others.

In a 2013 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 229,000 US citizens, aged 12 or older, said they had used LSD in the past month alone. 33,000 others said they had used horse tranquilizer (PSP) during that same time frame. These substances can lead you to effects such as anxiety or seizures. These facts are not something you should take lightly, especially relating to teen substance abuse.

Substance abuse is one of the worst things you can do in your life. You can lose control of everything, and maybe even die. You will exhibit extreme behavior. It is time for us to help you get your drug and/or alcohol abuse under control. We have many people standing by ready to counsel on great substance abuse treatment centers that will make you feel comfortable and also remedy you back to the person you once were. Once you connect with us, you will be put on a treatment plan, beginning with detoxification.

What Is Substance Abuse?

Substance abuse starts when you drink alcohol or take drugs excessively to experience a state of pleasure and/or improved performance. Substance abuse can start when you take drugs for medical reasons, and your body becomes so used to the drugs, that you must keep taking them to achieve your desired state of being. If you take a prescription medication other than prescribed, then there is good chance that you are abusing drugs and developing an addiction to your prescription.

This is often the case with younger people. You may want to feel like an adult and you’re growing older. You may be interested in it because has the allure of danger. You may even be taking drugs to deal with issues at home or at school.

Do you think substances are the answer to your happiness? We are sure you have many goals and dreams, and substance abuse was not something you intended when you began taking substances. If you have abused drugs, it is time for that to change. If you truly want to make a difference in your life, you need to get off substances and start thinking about your future. We will be the ones who will show you what you can accomplish. We will listen to your story, and will put you in the right substance abuse treatment facility that can get you on track to a normal life again.

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Know the Signs of Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Substance abuse is perhaps one of the most difficult challenges in life. What you need to know are the signs involved when someone is getting high or drunk. These signs can vary based upon the substance you or your loved one is abusing; however, here is a short list of common warning signs to be on the lookout for:

After consuming too much alcohol or getting high you might find yourself or your loved one forgetting what they may have said or done while they were under the influence. In some cases, depending on how much drugs or alcohol were consumed at one time there is the chance that you or your loved one could black out completely.

You could find yourself or your loved one engaging in fights with each other or other family and friends. This will come from yourself or your loved one’s irritability, depression and mood swings they exhibit as a result of their addiction.

You will notice the substance abuser will be very relaxed and want to feel more normal with other people. This can lead to them taking more time off from school or work, being less engaged with their family, increase in time spent sleeping, and overall coming across as lazy and unmotivated.

When they stop using the substance, you will notice they get anxious; develop headaches; feel sick to their stomach, and display flushed skin. The substance abuser will have a husky voice and trembling hands. Worse yet, you might find them vomiting blood.

The overarching thing you will see is they will have a loss of control in their behavior and personality. They won’t engage in activities with others. They will be highly secret and start having problems with yourself or other loved ones.

Find The Best Rehab at the Right Cost

Going to a great rehab facility doesn’t have to be expensive when you use your insurance benefits.

Some of the most bizarre effects may be the substance abuser changing their appearance or continuing to use the substance despite knowledge of the negative consequences it has. Now is the time to change that.

Why not give us a call to at least have a conversation about how we can help you? We get it. You don’t want to change however, but the truth is that sooner or later, you’ll realize your lifestyle is unsustainable both physically, mentally and financially. You need to start thinking about a brighter future.

Maybe you do want to get back there and are desperately seeking the attention of others for help? Substances abuse is not the path to help. The mere question of needing help should come from your sincere interest to get better. We will not only listen to your story but give you a wide range of substance abuse treatment centers that can focus on helping you. We will make sure you feel not only comfortable with the center, but that they will indeed put an emphasis on getting you back to your life once more.

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Choosing a Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment Center

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You must seek help. Whether it’s for yourself or someone close to you, and we will be ready for you when you decide to take that first step. Our staff can help you find the best facilities that offer treatment programs for substance abuse, and that will make you feel comfortable while getting you or your loved one back their normal self again. You will need to take a look at the various options available to you, and we will walk you through them.

Some substance abuse treatment facilities have counseling, which will help get you to admit you have a problem and bring you the realization you need help. These counselors will be professionals who have been trained to help you and the many others like you. They have helped many others, and will be able to aid you in emotionally coping with the challenges you face as a substance abuser. You can also expect to find a 12-step treatment program at many drug and alcohol abuse treatment institutions. These are helpful because they move you back to your normal life. The strategy will connect you back with all parts of the life you left behind.

The substance abuse treatment center will also help you walk through the withdrawal process and help you detox off the substance you have been abusing. Many of them actually start with the detoxification process that often involves you being weaned off your substance abuse. Sometimes, they will end up switching your substance for a drug like Methadone or Naltrexone, which you will be weaned off slowly in lieu of the other harmful substance. You might also find you’re given 24-hour medical care as you through the process of getting clean.

The substance abuse rehab center will likely be a communal setting, which is focused on getting addicts clean and well for normal day life. Many of them you will find offer long-term or short-term residential treatment plans, usually running anywhere from 3 weeks up to 12 months. The 12-step programs you will experience are more than not offered here.

The substance abuse treatment institution might also offer a Medication-Assisted Treatment. This will be designed to stop the substance cravings and other side effects from alcohol abuse. The treatment will stop the rewarding center from your brain when a substance is taken, and instead, institute a negative feeling when that happens.

The next step is aftercare. The goal of the aftercare is to make sure you do not relapse back into your old ways. You don’t want to put in all that hard work, and then jump back into your old ways again.

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Family, Friends, and Substance Abuse: How to Reach Sobriety Together

Convincing your loved one to seek treatment might be one of the most difficult things you will ever do. You may not know how to approach them. It might be the case you do not know what to say to them or how to broach the subject.

This situation might be happening with your teenage child. There is a huge epidemic with substance abuse among teens in the United States. You will find it is quite common for teens to abuse substances. They will want to feel like they are an adult and be attracted to the danger and illegality of some of these substances. They may simply want to feel cool and fit in with the other kids. We want you to have the proper tools to speak to them respectfully but with concern and love. Here are some tips for approaching such a situation:

  • Alert other family members and friends.
  • Consider such a discussion with the substance abuser themselves.
  • Make sure you don’t bring up the topic when the person is high or intoxicated.
  • Find a time to talk that is more than a few minutes.
  • Tell this person you are concerned and care about them.
  • Alert them to the behaviors and symptoms you have seen them displaying from the substance abuse.
  • Create a dialogue where it is two-way and you are talking with the person.

Such a discussion might be more effective with multiple persons involved. This intervention then will need an agreed upon date, time and place, which is mutually beneficial to all parties involved. Often, you will find it smart to host the intervention at a place the substance abuser often goes. You will want to make sure all parties know it needs to be confidential. Yet, during the intervention, you will want to make sure their loved ones express the same mutual concern and wishes for recovery you will. This way it is a lot more powerful than just coming from one person.

An intervention is helpful, but is by no means the final solution. There is still much work you have to do to get this person better. We will be there every step of the way on your road to recovery.

How to Pay for Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment ?

At this point, you must be asking yourself: will my insurance cover the substance abuse treatment plan? At Elite Rehab Placement, we go through and analyze your insurance plan, and then compare it with substance abuse treatment centers. We will which match your plan with the rehab center that best meets your needs. Soon after, you will be able to decide which one you feel most comfortable and secure with. You will want to, for example, check the accreditation status of some of the substance abuse treatment facilities to make sure they stay up to the same quality care you are seeking. And why worry about that when we can handle it for you?

You will be great and have the chance to revolutionize your life. Are you scared to change the way things have been? Life is fraught with challenges both personally and professionally. But, would it not be nice if you could experience all those ups and downs as you make those goals you have in life happen?

The right path for you is to be clear-headed, and you will once again realize how beautiful your life will be without drugs or alcohol. Find the strength and call us today. We will not only give you many different and fantastic substance abuse treatment facilities to choose from, but we will be the light guiding the way.

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