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Substance Abuse: Signs, Symptoms, Treatment, and More

Substance abuse can refer to a wide variety of behaviors, but it most commonly refers to the regular and repeated use of harmful substances like alcohol and drugs. Substance abuse is becoming more widespread as many drugs become legalized and available to yourself and others.

Substance abuse is on the rise, and is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact, while the number of people dealing with substance abuse has risen to over 23 million, only 11% of those struggling with drugs or alcohol actually seek treatment. Substance abuse is more dangerous now than ever. With deadly drugs like fentanyl and other opioids becoming more and more popular, getting treatment has never been more important.

While substance abuse is dangerous, it’s not impossible to overcome. With the right rehab center and the style of substance abuse treatment that fits you best, a sober and happy life is achievable. Elite Rehab Placement can help.

What Is Substance Abuse?

Substance abuse is when an individual repeatedly over-uses drugs and or alcohol in a dangerous way, which eventually leads to an addiction. Just as no two people are the same, every addiction is different. Some may slip into substance abuse because of a prescription they had for an injury. Others may start using heavier drugs after abusing less serious ones. Others may simply let their drinking get out of hand without even realizing it. While there are many different avenues for substance abuse to begin, there are just as many methods of substance abuse treatment to assist those who are seeking to free themselves from their addiction.

Substance abuse may start innocently, but it doesn’t take much for it to spiral out of control. When this happens, know that it’s not your fault. Addiction is a disease, and it can feel impossible to try and overcome it. However, there is hope, and it starts with identifying your addiction, and finding the right substance abuse treatment center to handle it.

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Know the Signs of Substance Abuse

Identifying an addiction can be tricky, as those who suffer with substance abuse will attempt to hide it, in fear of rejection and judgment. Many don’t even believe or know that they have a substance abuse problem, which makes it even more difficult to open up about substance abuse

In order to detect a substance abuse problem, it’s important to remember that the topic of addiction is a sensitive one and it should not be taken lightly. Those who abuse drugs or alcohol will typically show certain signs and symptoms, including:

Addiction tends to be a slowly building force, and eventually you could be abusing drugs or alcohol for longer than you meant to, or after telling yourself you would not be using it again.

Spending less time on activities that used to be important, such as spending time with friends and family, becomes common. Drug abuse will often create a noticeable drop in attendance in both one’s personal and professional life.

Having a substance abuse problem will influence one to take greater risks, as substances like drugs and alcohol can shift our priorities. You may feel invincible, or start doing anything you need to to get more drugs or alcohol.

People struggling with addiction are known to act out against their loved ones, especially if they address their substance abuse problem. Drugs and alcohol can also start to take priority over loved ones, which can put a significant strain on personal relationships.

Those who abuse drugs and alcohol will go out of their way to hide how much they abuse a substance. You might start lying to protect your addiction, but this will in turn hurt the ones you’re lying to.

Hygiene and physical appearance will often deteriorate when one’s substance abuse is out of control. Drugs and alcohol, when abused over a long period of time, can have significant effects on one’s health and appearance. 

As one further abuses a substance, their tolerance will spike, and their addiction will innately require more to get its fill.

When the drug wears off, the individual will show signs of anxiety, jumpiness, depression, irritability and other side-effects depending on the substance they abuse.

Despite the overwhelmingly negative toll substance abuse has taken on their life, they still abuse their substance of choice.

Addiction itself is hard to talk about. Knowing how to address one’s toxic relationship with drugs is important, as many are sensitive to talking about their substance abuse problem. Those suffering from their addiction should know there are many methods of treatment to help one cope with their substance abuse problem and create a happier, healthier life through recovery.

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Types of Drug Addiction

Substance abuse comes in many different forms, but some addictions are more common than others.

Different types of drug addiction can include:

• Opioid addiction
• Cocaine addiction
• Methamphetamine addiction
• Alcohol addiction
• Heroin addiction
• Prescription drug addiction

Substance abuse treatment for these addictions varies among each individual and each addiction. Whether the person suffering from the addiction is yourself or a loved one, it is important to understand addiction and learn how the substance abuse treatment process works.

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Choosing a Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment Center

Rehab Treatment CenterJust like addiction, substance abuse treatment comes in many forms and there is a myriad of methods to help those seeking recovery from their addiction. When people are in addiction treatment recovery, they will typically learn about what “triggers” their addiction and this specific to the person in substance abuse treatment. Addiction treatment relies on different therapies, methods, and framework to assist those in recovery. 12-step recovery methods are common among rehabs and are very effective in helping those in addiction treatment, but there are other treatment methods like SMART recovery that are just as effective as others in terms of substance abuse treatment. The right recovery begins with finding the treatment center and program that are right for you. Some types of substance abuse treatment include:

12-step program: The individual goes through a 12-step program to help progress and motivate the individual to abstain from their drug addiction.
SMART: A treatment method that teaches self-empowerment to help one identify irrational thoughts and prevent drug use.
• Group therapy: An environment where one can openly discuss their relationship with drugs and alcohol without apology to help them understand and feel they are not alone.
• Behavioral counseling: When one sits with a behavior counselor to discuss ways to change their behaviors and habits to help create a healthier lifestyle.
• Medications: Where one is prescribed medication to help wean themselves off drugs.
• Detox: Preventing oneself from taking any drugs to allow the body to become clean.

At Elite Rehab Placement, our goal is to find you the rehab center that will give you the best chance at recovery. When you call us, you’ll speak to one of our experienced addiction counselors whose knowledge of the rehab industry is unparalleled. They can guide you through the treatment process from finding your rehab center all the way to coming back home. Our goal is your recovery, and we’ll stop at nothing to help you make that happen.

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How Much Does Substance Abuse Treatment Cost?

The most common question at this point is: “will my insurance cover the substance abuse treatment plan?” At Elite Rehab Placement, we go through and analyze your insurance plan, and then compare it with the substance abuse treatment centers that are the right fit for you. Soon after, you will be able to decide which one you feel most comfortable and secure with, as well as the one that matches your budget the best. We can check the accreditation status of substance abuse treatment facilities to make sure they stay up to the same quality care you are seeking, find specialized treatments, and even help cover the cost of travel. Why worry about that when we can handle it for you?

Addiction treatment takes discipline, and many who want to recover from their drug addiction can have trouble finding or admitting they need help. The recovery time may seem long, but it is possible to get past it. Addiction is never truly cured in the traditional sense, but rather overcome. Temptation and triggers may still linger, but rehab, treatment, and the aftercare that follows is all about giving you the skills you need to overcome your addiction one day at a time. Recovery is not meant to be easy, but it is a challenge that one should take pride in. Recovery from substance abuse is an uphill battle, but it is truly a battle worth fighting.

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