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Relapse Prevention: Fighting Your Addiction After Treatment

Relapse prevention is one of the most important parts of addiction rehab treatment plans, but it’s one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of treatment. This is because when people look for a substance and alcohol addiction treatment program, they often don’t consider the fact that the hard work really begins when a person enters back into their normal lives.

There are many different options for relapse prevention, so no matter what the needs of the client, they will never have to feel alone in their journey to recovery from addiction.

Post Rehab – Preventing Relapse

It’s about the time that a client has completed their inpatient therapy that fear, anxiety and sometimes, thoughts of returning to past behaviors begin to surface. These are powerful feelings that can take over the progress that a person makes in rehab.

Once a person has to return to their real lives, it can be easy to think that it’s all under control, or that it won’t hurt to “try it one time” to “see how it feels.”

Relapse is a common part of recovery, and almost every single rehab facility out there offers some type of relapse prevention program, but the type of program will likely depend on the rehab treatment plan itself.

Relapse is Not Uncommon

One important thing to remember is that it is not unusual to relapse at least once. Recovery is a process, and it simply does not happen overnight. This is where relapse prevention programs can really help a person battling addiction to stay on track with their new, clean and healthy lives.

When a relapse or feelings of wanting to use or drink are addressed as soon as possible, the chances of a relapse becoming serious can dramatically decrease. Many rehabs offer relapse prevention counseling over the phone, so even if the client doesn’t want friends and family to know what they are thinking; they can make the necessary calls to help re-inspire them and keep them going.

Many rehab facilities will also recommend that their clients seek to continue ongoing therapy or counseling for their addiction recovery. This will ensure that no matter where a client lives and works, there will be the support necessary when working with relapse prevention.

Also, while a person is in rehab, they will develop the skills and tools they need to help them recognize when they might be close to relapse. This can help those battling addiction to understand themselves and their triggers, and give them better insight into how to deal with them.

Relapse prevention is possible, and recovery can happen. There are resources everywhere, so whether it’s an addiction rehab offering the information, or it’s private therapy and group meetings that offer support, the more a client, family and loved ones know about preventing relapse, the smoother the journey toward recovery will go.

Different rehab centers treat relapse prevention differently. Elite Rehab Placement can help to find the right rehab, and aftercare, that can work for you or your loved one.

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