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Did you know that men are more likely than females to abuse illicit drugs . In fact, in 2011 men doubled the amount of admissions for substance abuse treatment as opposed to females. Men are also more likely to abuse prescription pain medicines

Going to a rehab for men can be an extremely effective option because it removes the influences of women from the equation.  A lot of time men are reluctant to share things in group therapy settings with women present because they want to appear masculine to females. Topics that need to be discussed are usually avoided or not answered truthfully to keep up a manly appearance. Sometimes, women can cause men to become distracted and lose focus on the goal at hand. In general, men are more naturally conditioned to not discuss emotions and feelings, thus leaving them less inclined to discuss them around females.   This is when it might be time to consider finding a rehab for men to help with drug and alcohol addiction problems.

How does one know if a drug rehab for men will be more effective than a co-ed rehab?  Are there certain situations where this might not be the best option?

Discussing Your Rehab Options with an Addiction Expert

Only the man entering rehab can determine if they need a facility that removes women from the equation, but speaking with a counselor on the subject may open one’s eyes to advantages and disadvantages based on the individual situation.  If you are considering going to rehab, calling us could provide you with insight and answers to questions you may have.

Often, on a call such as this, the caller doesn’t commit to attend any single facility, but they do have the chance to talk to a drug and alcohol addiction counselor that will help them to decide what sort of treatment might work best for them. We are available 24/7 for a free, no obligation conversation about your addiction recovery.

Drug Rehab for Men

Co-Ed Rehab vs. Rehab for Men

A rehab for men only can be beneficial for many men, especially young adults who are distracted by females. Maybe it’s because they find that they act different around women in an effort to impress them. The absence of women can allow men to focus on themselves and their treatment. Some men may not want to discuss certain feelings and past experiences that are necessary to address during treatment when they are in the presence of women. Men can unconsciously feel that opening up about emotions and trauma could make them look less manly to the women around them, this can be very problematic when trying to recover from addiction.

Other men find that women are a soothing presence in their lives.  Maybe it’s the friendships that they can develop with women, maybe they like the input and ideas that women have.  In these cases, choosing a co-ed rehabilitation center for the journey ahead might be best.

No matter what a person feels they need when battling addiction, there is a rehabilitation facility to help them live a clean, healthy lifestyle.  Ultimately, the chemistry with counselors and the treatment program will go hand in hand with the situation that makes a person feel the most comfortable to allow for an effective treatment program.

There are many different options when it comes to all male drug and alcohol treatment centers that people can choose from, and the journey starts with finding the right one for your needs. Give us a call at to take the first step in finding the center that is right for you or your loved one.

Addiction Problems Unique to Men

There are problems men have that are unique to the gender, a rehab for men may solely focus on these issues. It is easy for a man to lose interest in a group setting when the conversation is geared to a woman’s problems, and vice versa. Although the message of strength in recovery can still be obtained from the opposite gender, it is easier to tune out and miss the message entirely when listening to problems associated with the opposite gender.

  • Toxic Masculinity (feeling inadequate or not feeling like the man of the house)
  • Workplace Injuries (construction, manual labor, union work)
  • Events Where Drinking in Common (Sports, Holidays etc)
  • Domestic Abuse (men’s view)
  • Divorce and losing a child (men’s view)

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Understanding Drug Rehabs for Men Only

Rehab for Men: Additional Treatment Options

If you are a man who is struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it can be tough find the perfect rehab center. Sometimes just going to all male drug or alcohol treatment centers is not enough, there are other treatment styles that take place during your rehab visit. For example, some people may not want to go through a rehab center that uses 12 step practices because he or she may feel it is too rigid or are turned off by the mention of God in the steps. Someone else may want to go to a Christian drug rehab for men, or a non 12 step rehab center. There is not a one size fits all approach for addiction treatment, as people respond to different treatment styles. Here are other rehab for men styles of treatment that you can consider when looking for the right rehab center.

  • 12 step addiction treatment for men
  • SMART Recovery programs for men
  • Non-Faith Based addiction treatment for men
  • Dual Diagnosis addiction treatment for men
  • Holistic addiction treatment for men
  • Christian or Faith-Based addiction treatment for men

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