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Searching for substance abuse treatment, for you or for a close friend, may prove to be a struggle. Locating a facility that works with your Select Health insurance coverage and, deliver you the level of care you’ll need, could limit your choices. Thankfully, Elite is able to do the heavy lifting for you. We will assist you to establish the most beneficial addiction treatment facility possible, utilizing your insurance benefits, to reduce any up front expenditure.

Does Select Health Pay for the Cost of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment

It is rather feasible you will probably have some type of benefits for drug and alcohol treatment with Select Health. Assessing precisely how much they’ll cover, and at specifically what rehab center, is based on different specifics. While select treatment facilities may be in-network Select Health alcohol and drug treatment facilities, you may also still have access to other available choices if you happen to have out of network benefits. The easiest way to find what sort of mental health or substance abuse insurance coverage you’ve got, is to complete our insurance verification web form (you will find a link below), or simply contact us at 949-276-2886 and let our insurance specialists check out the coverage associated with your Select Health plan. Then our team of addiction specialists can start to help you in finding the most beneficial rehab path.

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What you can Expect Dealing with Select Health Alcohol And Drug Abuse Coverage and Elite Rehab Placement

The initial step is to have your health plan coverage determined. The simplest way to accomplish this will be to either send in our insurance form, see above for link, or give us a call. Then an insurance expert from our company will ensure exactly what your health insurance provider will, and will not pay for. With this information in hand, we can begin the operation of finding a drug and alcohol rehab or detox that will work with your insurance policy.

Once we’ve nailed down some decent possibilities, one of our senior counselors will reach out to discuss your possibilities and help you decide what sounds best. If we have a rehab center that is a good fit, we can start dealing with a time-line that fits into your schedule assist you in getting the care that you’re looking for. If you’ve got other specific necessities, we will go over those, at that time, and seek rehab options more specified that will meet your needs.

How Long Will Select Health Pay for Treatment

Insurance coverage is going to differ from plan to plan, but a large percentage will provide for a length of stay determined by need. Each situation is unique and some demand a lengthier stay at rehab. This is figured out within the course of treatment by the medical practitioners, support personnel, and insurance carriers. In many cases, in the event the insurance company says that there’s no longer a necessity for treatment, and the counseling team doesn’t agree, the rehab center will keep clients, on a scholorship basis to make sure that the client leaves with the proper tools to keep clean. A normal in-patient stay is between 30 and 90 days.

Will Select Health Pay for Both Inpatient as well as Outpatient Programs

Virtually all health care plans will cover both outpatient and inpatient addiction treatment to a point. It is in the best interest of everyone involved, your insurance provider not excluded, that you should go on with your recovery following an initial stay in an inpatient rehab. The likelihood of extended sobriety are dramatically improved should you continue being involved in an out-patient treatment program and in the sober community. The vast majority of, if not all Select Health plans have both in-patient together with outpatient coverage for this exact reason.

Locating a Luxury Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center

While your insurance plan might pay for alcohol or drug addiction treatment, it might not include the many extras that often come with it. Some higher end addiction rehab programs charge extra if you want a private room, ocean side setting, massage therapy, acupuncture, or numerous other comforts. Elite Rehab Placement is able to separate every one of these added costs for you so that you can know precisely what you’re receiving, exactly what your insurance plan is going to cover, and what your personal expenditures will be.

Would Select Health Cover out-of-State Treatment Centers?

This is a tricky question. Let’s pretend that you live in Alaska and you’re looking at going to an alcohol rehab in Utah. Your insurance might not pay for this. We can verify your coverage and find you a dependable answer regarding what your plan will or won’t pay for. It may possibly make more sense to stay local if that’s what your insurance provider is going to cover. You might also have other options that you’re not even aware existed, that might be a great deal more advantageous than your initial plan. This question can really only be resolved on a case by case basis. Give us a call at 949-276-2886 so that we can be certain you’re aware of all of the prospective options, before making any decisions.

Looking for a Specialty Addiction Center

Many times, individuals seeking treatment tend to be struggling to find something extremely specific in a treatment center. Times like these are where Elite can really assist you. Our company has detailed understanding of the landscape and can help you to locate the proper care. Whether you’re searching for a female only alcohol addiction treatment program, treatment program focusing on over the counter drug addiction recovery, or any other specialty treatment facility, we will assist you in sorting through all your options and decide on the most beneficial treatment approach. Contact us at 949-276-2886 to look at all of the various options.

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