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Regence Rehab Facilities for Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Searching for substance abuse treatment solutions, for yourself or for a family member or friend, may prove to be a challenging task. Locating a center which will take your Regence rehab coverage plan and also supply you with the care you require may reduce your available options. Fortunately, we are able to do the heavy lifting for you. We can provide help to locate the absolute best substance abuse center possible, using your insurance benefits, to reduce any out-of-pocket fees.

Does Regence Pay for Rehab?

Nearly all personal and company health insurance plans will have some kind of mental health and substance abuse coverage, and most likely, that also includes your Regence policy. The secret is to figure out specifically what rehabs accept the plan, and what the up front expenses may be. We can certainly help with this – it’s what we do. To get the process started, phone us at 949-276-2886, or simply fill out our verification of benefits form which is linked below. An insurance specialist will dig into your benefits then call you with the best options for rehab or detox.

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What to Expect When Working with Regence Alcohol And Drug Abuse Coverage and Elite Rehab Placement

The first step is to get your benefits verified. The quickest manner to accomplish this would be to either send in our insurance form, see above for link, or call us. Then an insurance pro from our organization will examine what exactly your policy will, and will not cover. With this knowledge in hand, we can easily begin the process of finding a drug and alcohol treatment facility that can accept your insurance policy.

Once we’ve nailed down a couple of high-quality choices, a treatment advisors will reach out to talk about the possibilities and help you decide what works best. If we find a treatment option that that fits, we’ll begin the process of discussing a timetable that matches your personal and professional schedule to help you to get the treatment that you need. We’ll also talk about various other specific prerequisites that you have prior to making a selection.

How Long Will Regence Cover Treatment?

Overall coverage can differ from plan to plan, but the majority will cover a treatment duration in line with need. Every instance is unique and many necessitate a longer stay at treatment. That is identified all through the course of treatment by the medical experts, support staff, and insurance companies. In many cases, should the insurer determines that a need no longer is present for treatment, and the medical staff disagrees, the treatment center will keep clients on a scholarship basis to be sure that the client completes treatment with the tools to continue to be sober. A standard in-patient treatment cycle is between 30 and 90 days.

Does My Health Insurance Cover Both Inpatient as well as Outpatient Treatment?

The vast majority of health insurance policies will pay for both in-patient and out-patient substance abuse treatment to some degree. It is good for everyone involved, your insurance company included, that you should continue your treatment following a preliminary stay in an in-patient facility. The likelihood of extended sobriety are substantially enhanced should you stay engaged in an outpatient treatment program and in the sober community. Most if not all Regence policies have both in-patient as well as out-patient coverage for this exact reason.

Locating an Executive Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facility

While your insurance policy is likely to include alcohol and drug addiction treatment, it may not take care of the many add-ons that routinely come with it. Many luxury drug or alcohol addiction rehab programs will charge additional for a private bed room, luxury setting, massage therapy, acupuncture, or any number of other options. We are in a position to break-down every one of these hidden expenditures for you so that you will know precisely what you are receiving, how much your Regence benefits will cover, and how much your personal expenses are going to be.

Would Regence Cover Out-of-State Rehabs?

This can be a complex question. For example, pretend that you are located in Michigan and are looking to go to an alcohol or drug rehab center in Nebraska. Your policy might or might not work. Our team can verify your coverage and find you a dependable answer regarding what your policy will or won’t pay for. It may be beneficial to stay within your own state if that’s what your insurance provider will pay for. You may have other available options that you were not aware of, that might be even more advantageous than your initial thought. This question can only be resolved on a case by case basis. Call us at 949-276-2886 so that we can make certain you’re aware of all your possible opportunities before making any decisions.

Choosing a Specialized Addiction Center

Very often, people are looking for something quite specialized from a rehab facility. These are the times when our team can really help you. We have extensive expertise of the market and can help you in locating the proper treatment. Whether you, or your loved one, are in need of a holistic alcohol addiction treatment facility, treatment program dedicated to ecstasy addiction treatment, or any other specialized rehab facility, we are able to assist you in navigating through all of your possibilities and decide on the most suitable treatment approach. Contact us at 949-276-2886 to examine all of your treatment options.

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