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Searching for alcohol and drug treatment solutions, for your own self or for a family member, may prove to be a hard task. Identifying a center which takes your Magellan policy and, supply the care you require, can minimize your choices. The good news is, we are able to take the leg work out of the job for you. Let us help you to choose the best addiction treatment facility available, utilizing your insurance coverage, to limit any out of pocket cost.

Does Magellan Pay for the Cost of Drug or Alcohol Addiction Treatment

It’s incredibly feasible you will have some variety of coverage for drug and alcohol rehab through Magellan. Learning just how much they’ll pay for, and at which rehab center, varies according to different parameters. Despite the fact that particular programs might be in network Magellan alcohol and drug treatment centers, chances are you still get access to other options assuming you have out-of-network benefits. The best way to understand what form of substance abuse insurance coverage you’ve got, is to fill out our insurance plan verification form (you will find a link below), or just contact us at 949-276-2886 and let our insurance benefits professionals confirm the benefits included with your Magellan plan. Then we can begin the process of helping you with determining the absolute best rehab path.

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What to Expect Working with Magellan Substance Abuse Coverage and Elite Rehab Placement

The primary step is to have your insurance benefits confirmed. The quickest method to do this is to either send in our health insurance form, see above for link, or call us on the phone. Then an insurance coverage guru from our team will validate specifically what your policy will, and will not pay for. Once we obtain this info, we can begin the operation of choosing a drug and alcohol treatment center that can work with your insurance.

Once we have a handful of high-quality choices, one of our treatment advisors will reach out to talk about the possibilities and help you decide what seems best. After we have something that works for you, we can get started talking over a time frame that suits your personal calendar and get you the help that you’re looking for. We’ll also discuss any precise specifications that you have when pulling the trigger.

How Long Does Magellan Pay for Rehab

Insurance coverage will certainly vary from policy to policy, but a large percentage are going to cover a treatment duration dependant on necessity. Every scenario is special and some demand a prolonged stay in treatment. That is figured out throughout the recovery process by the medical doctors, support staff, and insurance carriers. Many times, in the event the insurer ascertains that a basic need no longer exists for higher levels of care, and the medical team disagrees, the substance abuse center will keep clients, on a scholorship basis to be sure that the client completes treatment with adequate tools to continue to be clean. A normal in-patient stay is between thirty and ninety days.

Does My Health Insurance Cover Both Inpatient as well as Outpatient Programs

The vast majority of health insurance policies will pay for both in-patient and outpatient substance abuse rehab to a point. It benefits everybody, your insurance provider not excluded, that you should carry on with your treatment after a preliminary stay in an inpatient facility. The odds of long-term sobriety are dramatically amplified if you keep on being involved in an outpatient program and in the sober community. Most, if not all Magellan policies have both in-patient together with out-patient substance abuse benefits for this very reason.

Choosing a Luxury Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Facility

While your Magellan benefits is likely to cover drug and alcohol addiction treatment, it may not include the various add-ons that oftentimes come with it. Some higher end drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities will charge more for a private suite, luxurious environment, massage, acupuncture, or a number of other services. We are willing to break-down all of these hidden expenses for you so that you will know precisely what you’re receiving, how much your Magellan benefits is going to cover, and what your out of pocket expenses are going to be.

Will Magellan Cover out-of-State Treatment Centers?

This can be a tricky question. Let’s, for example, pretend that you reside in Michigan and really want to go to a South Dakota drug treatment facility. Your insurance plan might not cover this. We can verify your coverage and find you a concrete response about what your policy will and won’t pay for. It may possibly make more sense to stay closer to home if that is all your plan will pay for. You might even have other available choices that you were not aware existed, that might be substantially more beneficial than your initial thought. This question can only be answered on a situational basis. Contact us at 949-276-2886 so we can make certain you are aware of all of the prospective opportunities, prior to making anything final.

Searching for a Specialty Rehab Center

Very often, those in search of treatment will be trying to find something extremely specialized in a treatment facility. These are the times where our team can really help you. We have comprehensive knowledge of the landscape and has assist you in locating the right treatment. Whether you’re in need of an exclusively female alcohol rehab, rehab program that specialize in ecstasy addiction rehab, or any other specialized rehab center, we are able to help you find your way through all available solutions and pick the ideal treatment opportunity. Contact us at 949-276-2886 to learn about all of the treatment options.

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