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Aetna Rehab Coverage for Substance Abuse Treatment

Uncover the top Aetna detox and rehab centers

Searching for alcohol and drug treatment facilities, for yourself or for a close friend, can be a challenging and frustrating. Identifying a center which will take your Aetna coverage and also, offer the treatment that fits your preferences, can take a lot of time. Thankfully, we are able to take the leg work out of this for you. We’ll work hard  to determine the most ideal substance abuse facility possible that accepts Aetna rehab coverage to decrease or eliminate your out of pocket fees.

Does Aetna Cover the Price of Rehab

The vast majority of personal and company health insurance policies will have some type of mental health and substance abuse coverage, and that likely also includes your Aetna policy. The important thing is to figure out specifically what treatment center work with the plan, and what your out of pocket costs may be. Elite can certainly help out with this endeavor. It’s precisely what our company does. To get started, give us a call at 949-276-2886, or you can fill out our verification of benefits form linked below. A team member will drill down into your policy and give you a call with some good possible choices for rehab or detox, for you or your friend or family member.

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Aetna Addiction Treatment Centers Through Elite Rehab Placement: What to Expect

The first step is to get your policy confirmed. The best way to do this is to either fill out our insurance form, see above for link, or call us on the phone. Then an insurance coverage pro from Elite Rehab Placement will confirm specifically what your plan will, and won’t cover. Once we have got this knowledge, we can easily begin the process for choosing a drug and alcohol rehab or detox that will work with your insurance.

Once we’ve locked in a number of ideal solutions, one of our addiction advisors will reach out to look at your possible choices and help you decide what sounds best. Once we find a treatment facility that works for you, we’ll start talking about a time frame that works with your personal calendar and get you the help that you need. We will also discuss any specific specifications that you have before choosing your best option.

How Long Does Aetna Cover Rehab

Overall coverage will likely vary from policy to policy, but the majority will provide for a length of stay based on necessity. Each scenario is distinctive and many demand an extended timeframe at treatment. That is identified during the treatment process by the medical professionals, treatment personnel, and insurance carriers. Sometimes, in the event the insurance company ascertains that there’s no longer a need for treatment, and the medical staff disagrees, the rehab center will allow clients to stay on a scholorship basis to be sure that the client leaves with complete tools to continue to be clean. A regular in-patient stay is between one and three months.

Inpatient Aetna Rehab Coverage

Virtually all medical insurance providers will cover both out-patient and inpatient drug rehab to some extent. The likelihood of ongoing sobriety are amplified should you continue with an outpatient treatment program and becoming active in the sober community. The vast majority of, if not all Aetna drug rehab coverage policies have both inpatient and  outpatient substance abuse coverage for this very reason.

Choosing a Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehab Program

While your Aetna benefits are likely to include alcohol or drug addiction treatment, it may not include all of the extras that frequently come with it. Some luxury substance abuse treatment centers charge additional for a private room, ocean side setting, massage, acupuncture, or numerous other comforts. We are equipped to break-down every one of these hidden expenditures for you so that you are going to know precisely what you are getting, how much your insurance benefits is going to cover, and how much your personal expenses would be.

Will Aetna Drug Rehab Coverage Work for out-of-State Treatment Centers?

This can be a tricky situation. Let’s pretend that your home is in Alaska and really want to go to a drug and alcohol rehab facility in Maine. You are not wrong for wanting to leave your local area for treatment, infact there are many benefits of traveling for rehab. Your insurance policy might or might not work. Allow our team to verify your benefits and give you a dependable answer on what your policy will or will not cover. It may possibly make more sense to stay closer to home if that’s all your policy is going to cover. You might even have other available options that you’re not aware of, that might be substantially more effective than your original plan. This question can really only be answered on a situational basis. Give us a call at 949-276-2886 so that we can make sure that you’re made aware of all of your practical solutions, prior to making any decisions.

Choosing a Specialty Treatment Facility

Many times, those in search of treatment are attempting to find something specific to their personal preferences.  This is where our team can help. We have considerable knowledge of the rehab industry and can assist you in finding the proper treatment that fits your needs and your Aetna drug rehab coverage. Whether you, or your loved one, are looking for a non twelve step rehab program, holistic addiction treatment, or any other specialty treatment program, we can assist you in navigating through all of your possibilities and pick the most reasonable treatment center for you. Call us at 949-276-2886 to learn about your various options. The benefits of specialty addiction treatment can help keep patients engaged in treatment by giving them control of the way they would like to experience rehab.

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