Is it Dangerous to Quit Your Addiction While You’re Pregnant?


Torso of pregnant teen or woman

Is it dangerous to quit your addiction while you’re pregnant? Many people think that it is, but the truth is there is no better time to consider kicking your habit than as soon as you realize you’re having a baby for many reasons. Yes, the detox will be iffy, but when you get into the right kind of detox and rehab, you’ll find that you can give your baby the best start possible, and enjoy the healthiest start to motherhood possible.

Don’t do it alone

You should know that while it’s not the best idea to try to go through detox on your own if you’re pregnant, choosing to attend a professional detox facility can help you to have an easier time with the withdrawal and detox process, and make it easier for you, too.

Plus, when you’re pregnant, you’ll be extra closely monitored to make sure that both you and your baby are healthy and safe.

Once you’re done with detox, rehab can be an excellent way to help keep you determined to stay clean and sober. You’ll meet other soon to be moms just like you, and you’ll also find that the help you need to overcome your addiction is right at your fingertips.

Even more reasons to quit your addiction now

If you need even more reasons to quit your addiction right now, you should know that the effects of the substances of alcohol on your unborn baby might not be known, but the risks are pretty great. In fact, even if you’re lucky enough to have that perfectly healthy normal baby while you’re drinking you still risk exposing your child to fetal alcohol syndrome, and addiction.

When a baby is born addicted to substances such as Opioids, it is called Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS). It is a terrible experience for the newborn, and it also requires an extensive stay in the hospital. There is also speculation that children born with this condition are much more likely to develop an addiction to drugs or alcohol later on in life.

As if these risks aren’t enough, many states require drug testing of expectant mothers, even up to when she gives birth, and if you’re caught with substances in your system, you could be facing legal troubles. This is supposed to be a joyous time, not one that forces you to be separated from your new baby.

So, before you ask is it dangerous to quit your addiction when you’re pregnant, you should be asking how dangerous it is to not quit your addiction while you’re pregnant instead.