You might think that going to rehab is a punishment, but it’s not. Many people who battle an addiction feel like they are being punished for having an addiction when their loved ones convince them to seek treatment, but this couldn’t be further from what’s really happening. It’s easy to feel like everyone around you is blind to what you’re going through because most of your loved ones don’t understand what it’s like to be sent away to get clean and sober.

So, why does going to rehab feel like it’s a punishment? And how can it not be?hotel-1018039.jpg

  • You’re getting to get away from all the stress and anxiety that your addiction causes. Going to rehab can actually be a blessing to many. You are the one who gets to get away from all the drama and trauma of your addiction. You get to leave all the ugliness behind and start doing for you for a change. This sounds like anything but punishment.
  • If it’s punishment, it’s expensive. Much of the time, going to rehab is pretty expensive. If you were being punished, would anyone want to pay a small fortune to do it? The cost for the care you are about to receive is a small price to pay to have you start living a healthy, clean and sober life.
  • You’re getting help. Think of it as self-improvement. You get to learn all about yourself, your personality and what drives your addiction so that you can start living a new, healthy life. This is a really big deal, but you have to let it be. You’re getting help. When you’re punished, you’re not getting help.
  • You’re free to leave if you want. When you’re going to rehab, it can feel like a punishment, but it’s not. When else can you leave whenever you choose? Staying in treatment is entirely voluntary, so if you don’t feel like it’s working for you, you get to bail.
  • It’s not an unfun way to be punished. If going to rehab is being punished, it can be pretty enjoyable. Seriously, when you’re attending addiction treatment, you’re likely to find that there is so much to do, that rehab is almost fun.

If you’re going to rehab, and you feel like you’re being punished, consider the many perks of treatment, and how you’re going to benefit. Then take another look at seeking treatment. Your loved ones aren’t punishing you, they are trying to give you a chance to overcome your addiction and live a healthy, happy life.