Alcoholism sure can be a disease that steals a lot from a person. Whether it’s a relationship, career, self-esteem, or purpose, the disease is certainly a negative force to be reckoned with.  With this in mind, realizing the road to recovery can sometimes be difficult as well, with intense cravings and temptations to go back to drinking. How are you to quit drinking and get your life back together?

Spiritual_CounselingSometimes opening the door for a spiritual counselor may be just the right fit for you.  After all, when you are at rock bottom you are more apt to listen to a counselor and contend with feelings like depression, anxiety, anger, resentment, and lack of purpose.  An inspirational person can take you in your fragile state and offer you some much needed hope.

From spiritually deflated to spiritually inflated

Most alcoholics who begin rehab and/or recovery come in feeling pretty low.  Maybe you can relate.  Have you been feeling down?  Are you tired of living life the same old way?  Have you given up on your dreams? Do you have a sense of purpose?  Chances are that you could use a spiritual counselor to sit with and talk about your emotions and your life.  Even if you are not sure about your spiritual beliefs, you can still glean some good advice from such a counselor.

Emotionally and mentally you may be drained.  By opening up and sharing with a counselor, you may feel some relief. When you can contend with your past and forgive yourself and others, you open the door for some serenity in your life.  After all, we all simply want some peace in our lives.  Spiritual counselors can help you get a new perspective on your life.  They can also help foster a sense of passion and purpose.  Living life without a sense of purpose can lead to anxiety and depression.  Even the simplest purpose can help you feel better about yourself and your life.

Check with recovery groups

Whether you attend an alcohol rehab or a 12 Step meeting, ask around for a reference for a spiritual counselor.  Yes, you can grow on your own, but having a mentor beside you is helpful as well.  You can be accountable to that person and learn some valuable lessons as well; not to mention be encouraged regularly.

You can overcome alcoholism. You can get a sense of purpose in your life.  Make that first step today and reach out for help. Decide to put the drink down from here on out and create a life that you love.