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For some people, holidays are good times of the year to spend quality time with family members and friends. But, for other people, holidays can be the worst times of the year.

Why? Family gatherings and social functions can be stressful. They might be reminders of unsettling past memories. It is not uncommon to be tempted to return to old habits in moments of stress. This can be especially true for people who have struggled with addiction. Familiar surroundings connected to previous bad habits can be ingrained in the mind. The dark episodes of the past can rise to the surface again.

Celebrating Easter in Recovery

This Easter Sunday, let your mind and body be renewed. Let go of past trials, tribulations, and human errors. Remember that they’re part of your past, not your present. This can help you remain on your path of recovery and rebirth.

Substance abuse addiction can be a matrix of mental, emotional, and physical maladies. Any and all aspects of drug and alcohol addiction must be addressed for a more stable recovery. Addiction manifests itself in three ways:

  • Physical conditions
  • Mental health
  • Emotions

There are many physical side effects and radical changes that can accompany addiction. Complications related to our vital organs such as our heart, liver, or lungs can create life-threatening consequences.

The chemicals in alcohol and drugs interfere with our brain’s natural flow of chemicals. This imbalance can create chaos for the mental facilities. It can produce issues relating to memory loss, poor decision-making, and a warped sense of reality and values. People can find themselves in a world of confusion and caught between reality and their addictions’ influence on their thinking.

Emotional turmoil is also common during substance abuse. Issues such as depression can contribute to addiction. They can also arise or worsen during this condition. Addiction is a medical condition that requires treatment from qualified professionals.

Such professionals can help you find the inner strength to solve your problems. Finding the power to turn away from your addiction is a great achievement. Don’t let minor mishaps steer you from your path. If you doubt you have the ability to succeed, remember to keep faith in yourself and begin again. The road to recovery isn’t perfect but it can still be rewarding.


About the author: Zena Dunn is a writer and independent researcher. Health, wellness, and productivity are her main areas of interest. She investigates advanced techniques that are beneficial for the body’s optimal performance. Zena also researches ancient knowledge for holistic remedies. She is always expanding her writing topics and is a lifetime learner.