Battling addiction through faith is extremely beneficial for some, and it could be for you, as well. In fact, many people are beginning to turn to their faith to help them overcome their addiction and they are finding success through the support of their church.

This approach to overcoming addiction is very similar to traditional 12 step programs, and many churches are even beginning to offer counseling exclusively for addiction. This offers the faithful a chance to spend time with a supportive group of people, and enjoy spiritual counseling to help fight the cycle of addiction.

Many who have successfully battled addiction in this way say that faith is simply trusting that God will simply take your addiction and your cravings away from you. Through prayer and counseling within a church or addiction treatment facility of your choice, battling addiction through faith may be an excellent option for many.

sober-escort-recovery-coaching-servicesPrayer to fight addiction

Studies have shown that prayer can help to heal illness, pick a person up out of depression and help people through many different types of crises. Prayer has been found to be effective for many different issues, and when a group prays, it is said to be even more powerful.

The idea of battling addiction through faith incorporates the power of prayer. Those battling addiction pray to be released from the bonds of addiction so that they might live a clean and healthy life. Some inpatient rehab facilities have even begun to incorporate prayer as a way to work toward addiction recovery.

When a person is battling addiction through faith, they use prayer to help give them strength against the cravings and urges that strike when overcoming addiction. He or she will also often begin to attend church as a way to begin anew and cleanse their old ways.

Not just found in 12 step programs

While the traditional 12 step addiction program definitely tends to be a faith based type of addiction treatment, there are some who are battling addiction through faith without using a 12 step program. If you like the idea of a faith based addiction treatment program, but you aren’t sure that a 12 step program is right for you, you should know that there are other options that focus on faith and prayer.

If you are the type that likes the idea of a supportive, faithful community, no matter whether you’re religious now or not, you can find support and find the benefits of battling addiction through faith.