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Alcohol and drug addiction is reaching epidemic levels Oklahoma. With the cost of treatment on the rise in Oklahoma, it’s challenging to find an affordable and effective treatment center for you or your loved one. How can we help? Elite Rehab top Oklahoma rehab centers for drug and alcohol addictionPlacement is a no cost, no obligation placement service that pairs you with the best rehabs in Oklahoma for your unique needs and your budget. Many people are not even aware of the multiple treatment options that they have to choose from.

Why choose Elite Rehab Placement?

  • Personalized Placement – our counselors take time to get to know our clients and form a real, emotional bond. Because of this connection  we’re able to place clients based on their personal needs, insurance, budget, schedule and goals. Our counselors will support you or your loved one though the journey to recovery, from start to finish. We know the top rated rehab centers and can streamline this process for you.
  • No cost – There is absolutely no cost or obligation to go a rehab center that we place you in. Our service to you is FREE. Our mission is to help you overcome addiction and lead a healthy life and to help you understand the different drug rehab centers in Oklahoma.
  • Insurance – Insurance can be difficult to understand because some rehab centers don’t accept certain insurances while others do. Our insurance experts can make the process easier for you. They can analyze your coverage to find out what you’ll have to pay for treatment, if anything at all. We are willing to go to battle with your insurance company and get you into top rated rehab centers.
  • Travel Arrangements – There are some situations where the right rehab treatment center for you might not be in Oklahoma. In these instances, it is always best to go where treatment is going to give you the best chance at recovery and a healthy, happy life. Many clients also express that treatment is more effective when they are away from home. If this is the case for you, we can assist you with travel arrangements and planning, and can even help you pay for it.
  • Dual Diagnosis – It’s vital for clients to receive the correct treatment. Often times, the main cause for alcohol or drug addiction is an outside factor, like anxiety or depression. A conversation with one of our counselors will help you decide if dual diagnosis treatment should be a part of you or your loved one’s recovery.

To speak to one of our counselors, for you or a loved one, call us, risk free, at 949-276-2886.

Health insurance often covers some, or all of the cost of addiction treatment. To find out what rehabs in Oklahoma accept your insurance, allow us to verify your benefits for you.

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Rehabs in Oklahoma: What to Expect From Inpatient Treatment

Going to treatment for addiction can be a scary time for some. Many who are addicted can not imagine going multiple days without using drugs or alcohol, but this is just the addiction talking. When you go to an inpatient rehab center you are promising yourself at least 30 days without drugs or alcohol in your system. When you see that you can stay sober for a long period of time and are in a secure location during your withdrawal symptoms, you are more prepared to stay sober after leaving. For many, withdrawal symptoms are a main reason that so many struggle to stay sober. There are different inpatient drug rehab centers in Oklahoma that treat certain people, certain addictions, or use specific treatments. Aside from these differences, there is a standard routine you can plan to expect from all top rated rehab centers in Oklahoma.

  1. Intake– all rehabs in Oklahoma should have an intake process where addiction counselors and medical counselors will examine you to determine your detox protocol and treatment plan.
  2. Detox Process — The detox process is very critical for a thorough treatment. Typically, patients do not have to participate in therapy, group therapy or any other group activities until the detox is complete and withdrawal symptoms have subsided.
  3. Treatment and Education — Addiction treatment and education may vary from each facility. Top rated rehab centers offer multiple treatments under one roof. Someone may prefer 12 step treatment while others may find SMART Recovery treatment to be more beneficial. We can discuss all of your treatment options when you initially call.
  4. Aftercare — If you go to one of the rehabs in Oklahoma, the aftercare portion of your treatment will typically be completed at a nearby outpatient rehab program. Your treatment team will put you in contact with sober support groups in your community as well.

Alcohol and Drug Rehabs near Oklahoma

If your best treatment option is not in Oklahoma, you could look to neighboring states like:

Traveling for Treatment vs Drug Rehab Centers in Oklahoma

While it’s nice being close to home, during recovery it’s important to remove yourself from the people, places, and things you see and experience in your everyday life. Choosing the best treatment option should always be the primary objective. If that option is not in your home state, you should not let a plane ride dissuade you from getting the most beneficial help possible. Alcohol and drug dependency can be overcome, and a rehab program that fits your needs best is an important part of that. Drug Rehab centers in Oklahoma may not offer the appropriate treatment for you, we can help you understand your treatment options and place you in a center that meets those needs.

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