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Drug and Alcohol addiction in New Hampshire is leading down a dangerous path. Individuals, families and communities are strongly effected by substance abuse. Addiction serves one purpose and that is to numb the pain inside of you or your loved one. Those who suffer from addiction feel isolated, fearful, sadden and don’t know where to turn for help. We can assist with finding you the right treatment. Elite Rehab Placement is a no cost placement provider that will place you or your loved one in the best possible treatment center in New Hampshire.

We have counselors that will speak with you over the phone to better understand your situation, budget, insurance and schedule. We partner with the top treatment centers in New Hampshire and over 20 treatment centers across the country. Our mission is to assist with getting the help you need for recovery.

We have insurance experts that will deal directly with your insurance company. Our goal is to do all the leg work for you and make life a little easier. We will go over your coverage, limiting or eliminating any out of pocket expense. For those who do not have insurance, we will go over treatment options based on your budget.

Often times, clients would prefer to “get away” during recovery. If a New Hampshire treatment center is not a right fit, we can assist with travel arrangements, if needed. Testimonials show that treatment is often more success being away from home, with no distractions. ERP counselors will discuss different treatment center options with you or your loves one.

Our mission is to find the best addiction treatment center for New Hampshire residents looking for recovery Let’s fight addiction together. To speak to one of our counselors, for you or a loved one, call us, risk free, at 949-276-2886.

Health insurance often covers some, or all of the cost of addiction treatment. To find out if your insurance will cover some, or all of the cost, of addiction treatment at one of our New Hampshire rehab centers, allow us to verify your benefits for you.

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Drug and Alcohol Rehabs Around New Hampshire

In the event your best treatment option isn’t in New Hampshire, you may look to neighboring states like:

Traveling for Rehab

While it is nice being near home, most addiction specialists believe that leaving behind the people, places, and things that you’re used to, is a positive move towards recovery. Tracking down the ideal treatment option should always be the number one goal. If that rehab is beyond the borders of your home state, do not let the cost of a plane ticket discourage you from receiving the most beneficial help available. Drug and alcohol dependency can be overcome, and a rehab center that is the appropriate fit is a huge factor.

Counties in New Hampshire

Belknap, NH
Carroll, NH
Cheshire, NH
Coos, NH
Grafton, NH
Hillsborough, NH
Merrimack, NH
Rockingham, NH
Strafford, NH
Sullivan, NH