Tired of Addiction – For Loved Ones


Powerful Feelings In recovery Can Be Overwhelming

When you’re tired of addiction, it can feel like you’re bogged down and forced to carry a bag of rocks that doesn’t belong to you. You might often feel like your loved one’s addiction is a burden that you’ve been forced to carry, and it could very well be ruining your life. Unfortunately, we tend to take on our loved one’s problems, because we care and want to help. However, when these problems last for a long time, they can become more of a burden than loved ones should have to take on.

This often results in being very tired of addiction. Tired of hearing about addiction, tired of talking to your loved one, and even tired of hearing anything about battling an addiction at all. If you’re struggling with this situation, you’re not alone. Millions of families are forced to deal with a loved one’s addiction, and the issues that surround it can become serious for those confronted with the addiction.

So, what can, and often does, happen to families of those who battle an addiction? What can you do to finally take your life back and start living for you again?

  • It’s not uncommon for those who are struggling with a loved one’s addiction to suffer breakups and split families as a result of the stress and conflicts that addiction can cause. Even if the person battling an addiction doesn’t live with you, the potential for problems is still prevalent.
  • Stress-related illness. When you’re dealing with a loved one’s addiction, you’re stressed. You might have anxiety, depression and even suffer other stress-related illness such as cardiovascular diseases, weight gain or loss, and high blood pressure.
  • Lost family members. Kids need your attention. If you have kids, and an addicted loved one, it’s pretty common that all the attention that should go to your kids is directed toward your addicted loved one. That means the children in your life may suffer from a lack of attention that they need and deserve.
  • Rifts in the rest of the family. Families aren’t always close, but the last thing anyone wants is to be in a fight because of a loved one’s addiction. However, this is what happens, because everyone feels that they know the solution, and their solution is the only thing that will work.

Now that you know the many problems that can arise due to addiction, how can you start to fix them, and get your life back? You’re sick of addiction, so it’s time to start taking your life back.

  • Take time for you and the rest of your family. You didn’t choose to abuse substances or alcohol, and neither did most of your family, so take time together to enjoy each other and take some weight off. You don’t have to feel like your addicted loved one rules everything, and you don’t have to be stuck not living your life in case something happens with your addicted loved one.
  • When you set strong boundaries, you’ll be able to truly take the time you need to de-stress and decompress. Keep your home as your safe space, and be honest with your addicted loved one about what you will and will not allow from now on.
  • Family therapy might be the only way that you and the rest of your family will be able to get on the same page, but it’s essential for a strong, healthy relationship to continue. You all have feelings about your loved one’s addiction, so meet in a neutral place and come to an agreement about how to deal with the situation in a way that will help you all feel like your feelings have been heard and acknowledged.

It’s not hard to get tired of addiction, and at some point, if you’re dealing with a loved one’s and his situation, you’re going to decide you’re over it. It’s normal, and it’s okay. Eventually, you have to live life for you, after all, it’s not your addiction, so why should you have to suffer because of it?