Recovery for LGBTs

It’s not that LGBTs are any different than any other people groups, but when it comes to recovery, there may be some issues that they face that can be challenging. Let’s not be so naïve as to think that everyone is cool with the Gay Rehab Centerhomosexual issue, and because of this, someone who is LGBT and struggling with alcoholism or addiction may encounter some challenges in recovery.

Whether you’re out of the closet or not

There are certainly some factors that may come into play for the LGBT who wants to attend a rehab, counseling, or 12 step group for recovery. You may or may not be out of the closet and if not, you may fear that staff and peers will find out, making it more challenging. On the other hand, if you are out of the closet, then you’ve got to think about how others will react to you. Will they shun you? Will you feel free to be yourself?

The community you live in may or may not be tolerant of the LGBT crowd. This can certainly affect your decision to reach out for help or not.

Recovery for LGBTs: What you can do

If you’re struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction and you want to get help, don’t let the fact that you are LGBT hold you back. If you’re planning on attending a drug or alcohol rehab, you can discuss your sexuality when you make a phone call to the treatment center, asking them if they are comfortable with it. Most treatment centers are very welcoming and your sexuality will not be an issue.

If you want to attend a 12 Step or support group, get a feel for the group and then make a decision as to whether you will continue with it or not. Some groups may not be as welcoming as others, so surely check around. Realize that if there are those who are not tolerant, this does not mean your sexuality is wrong. Hold your head high and continue on secure in your identity. If you’re struggling with your identity, as well as an addiction, consider getting counseling.

Getting free of your alcoholism or addiction ought to be your first priority. Your sexual orientation is perfect as it is, so go forward with the intent to get your life back on track. You don’t have to struggle with addiction any longer. Whether you reach out to an alcohol rehab, 12 Step group, support group, or counselor, take heart in knowing there is hope for you in getting free. Go ahead and consciously create a life that you love.

After all, that’s what you are worthy of.