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Drug addiction and alcoholism do not discriminate. They can afflict rich and poor, young and old, file clerks and CEOs. Some business people may even feel they need these addictive substances to compete and succeed – much like athletes with performance enhancing drugs – and fear that stopping them will cause them to lose their edge. But over time, even the high-functioning substance abuser can degenerate into an addict who cares about nothing but finding a fix. Then it’s time for rehabilitation at a luxury drug treatment center.

Getting an addict to enter rehab treatment is the first step, and in some ways, the hardest. Although many agree with the U.S. surgeon general’s pronouncement that “Addiction to alcohol or drugs is a chronic but treatable brain disease that requires medical intervention, not moral judgment,” the idea that addiction is a sign of weakness or failure still exists. For high-achieving personalities, even admitting that they need luxury rehabilitation treatment for addiction – to themselves, let alone to others – can be degrading, intolerable.

Anything that can make that admission easier is welcome, from 1000-thread-count sheets to virtual offices. That’s the idea behind executive rehab or luxury inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment centers.

Substance Abuse Problems

Anything can be an addiction, from substances such as tobacco to behaviors such as tanning. People in need of an inpatient luxury drug rehab treatment center are most often there for alcohol and drug abuse.


In business, sometimes it seems that not drinking can hinder your career. If you won’t or don’t drink, you might not even get a meeting. In general, moderate drinking is encouraged, and heavy drinking is rewarded more than abstaining. Rehabilitation at luxury addiction treatment facilities can teach new coping mechanisms to resist the pressure to drink.


In life and in business, you’re expected to work through pain and illness, not take time off to recuperate. Unfortunately, this has led to the over-prescription and overuse of painkillers such as oxycodone and hydrocodone, which have created an opioid epidemic and prompted many people to attend luxury rehabs.

Tighter control of these painkillers has prompted addicts to seek out other, more dangerous opioids, including heroin and fentanyl. Luxury addiction treatment facilities can help teach addicts new ways to cope with pain.

Some high achievers also take stimulants to be more alert, productive, and motivated and want less food or sleep. But drug abuse decreases the body’s production of similar natural chemicals. When the stimulants wear off, the “crash” can make users depressed, confused, and listless, prompting more stimulant use. Luxury addiction treatment facilities help addicts get off this merry-go-round and let their body chemistry return to normal.

Luxury and executive rehab centers include all, or some combination of, the following amenities:

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Luxury centers are normally located on the water or in the mountains.  Either way, beautiful views are always part of the package.

Taking a swim in the pool or relaxing in the hot tub are both great ways to relieve stress.

Physical fitness is a great focal point for a life without drugs and alcohol.  Most of these centers include not only a private gym, but personal trainers on staff to get clients off on the right foot.

Eating good is feeling good and on site executive chefs make sure everyone is feeling good in that regard.

The days are normally full of activities and counseling, making it ideal to unwind in a private suite, with private bathroom, at the end of the day.

Massage therapy is a great way to relieve stress.  Most luxury rehab centers will feature an on site massage therapist.

Some prefer acupuncture to massage and many luxury facilities will include this in their repertoire.

Many executives cannot just set their business obligations aside.  Executive treatment centers are aware of this and are much more lenient when it comes to cellphone and computer use.  Some even include a business center right on the premises

Other activities include a wide range of activities including; sailing, billiards, fishing, surfing, hiking, movies, on site recording studios, and a number of other things to keep clients busy.

Why Do Addicts Resist Help at Drug or Alcohol Rehab Centers?

Drug and alcohol abusers often deny that they are addicted and need to attend luxury rehab centers. As unpleasant as the side effects of drug and alcohol can be – the constant craving and the loss of money, friends, family, respect, jobs, health, and even life – many addicts resist seeking help from luxury addiction treatment facilities and other rehabs because:

Withdrawal seems even more unbearable than continued drug abuse. Even if addicts want to stop, once drugs and alcohol get their hooks into them, quitting doesn’t seem like an option. The pain of withdrawal – physical, mental, and spiritual – can itself be life-threatening and scare people from seeking help at luxury rehabilitation centers.

Fear of hospitals. Although medical monitoring is highly advisable, if not required, some people dislike or fear hospitals. They confuse luxury addiction treatment facilities at rehab centers with poorly decorated charity wards full of sick people.

Separation anxiety. Drug and alcohol rehabs can be either be outpatient – you visit the rehabs during the day, receive treatment and therapy, and then go home – or inpatient – you live at luxury addiction treatment facilities during the rehab process. Professionals recommend inpatient care to monitor your health and progress. But many people don’t attend luxury rehabs because they feel they can’t leave their homes, jobs, and lives.

Why Choose Luxury Executive Treatment Centers?

Executive or luxury addiction rehab treatment centers are inpatient drug or alcohol rehab facilities for people who feel they can’t leave their job or businesses unattended or in other hands during their stays in rehab centers, or who resist leaving their comfortable lodgings for a spartan (in comparison at least) rehab center.

Inpatient luxury addiction treatment facilities are designed to overcome these objections to rehabs. Inpatient luxury addiction treatment centers have all the same treatment and therapy options as other rehabs – likely more – but in comfortable, even opulent, accommodations that also allow people to continue working while they seek help.

Advantages of Inpatient Luxury Addiction Treatment Rehabs

The best inpatient luxury and executive rehabs resemble 5-star resorts more than a dedicated medical center. The benefits of these centers include:

  • Privacy. Private suites with private bathrooms are available at luxury addiction treatment facilities, and no one sees you while you undergo the rehabilitation process at the luxury center.
  • Beautiful grounds at the centers. Whether by the water or by the mountains, inpatient luxury addiction rehab treatment centers often have attractive landscaping and natural features to explore.
  • Better patient-to-doctor/nurse-ratios. Medical staff is available at any hour in luxury addiction treatment facilities, minimizing the risks of relapse or medical complications from your rehabilitation regimen.
  • Private gym and personal trainers. Exercise is an excellent alcohol- and drug-free way of coping with stress, both mental and physical. It also can distract from, and sometimes overcome, pain. Some luxury rehabilitation centers employ personal trainers who offer instruction.
  • Pools and spas. Swimming in the pool at the center or relaxing in its hot tub are both great ways to relieve the stress of addiction and addiction rehabilitation treatment.
    More treatment options. In addition to the various psychotherapies, inpatient luxury addiction treatment facilities include more rehabilitation alternatives or additions, including physical fitness, art and occupational therapies, lectures, and holistic treatment at the centers.
  • Healthy, tasty meals prepared by an executive chef and nutritionist. Recovery from addiction should involve lifestyle changes, and learning to enjoy nutritious food is one of them.
  • Space to conduct business at the center. Many patients are busy, successful professionals who require access to the outside world, so inpatient luxury addiction treatment rehab centers are cellphone and laptop-friendly, with Wi-Fi and business centers, offering such amenities as printers and video conferencing. There are computers at many luxury rehabs, but it’s recommended that you bring your own to ensure round-the-clock access.
  • Other activities. Many inpatient luxury rehab treatment centers offer a wide range of other indoor and outdoor activities, which may include sailing, billiards, fishing, surfing, hiking, movies and even on-site recording studios.

Detox Treatment

Your rehab stay will likely start with the safe detoxification of the drugs – the natural removal of poisons – from your system. There are two basic detox methods, to be determined by many factors, including the types of drugs used and the severity of your addiction:

  • Natural detox, or cold turkey. Basically, you just stop using drugs and alcohol and withdraw naturally. This can take hours, days, or weeks, and can threaten your health. It can even be fatal, so many rehabs avoid this approach.
    Medically managed detox. You stop taking your drug, or reduce the amount, and substitute a weaker or less addictive drug, such as methadone or buprenorphine. Many rehabs offer this option because there are fewer withdrawal pains.

Either way, luxury addiction treatment facilities offer fully trained medical and psychological staffs to help you detox and withdraw safely at the rehabs. Don’t try it on your own.

Find The Best Rehab at the Right Cost

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Inpatient Luxury Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment

After detox ends, other treatment begins, and luxury rehabs offer many options.


Addiction treatment is about becoming healthy, and that should include physical activity – not just workouts in the gym or laps in the pool, but whatever outdoor activities your luxury rehab center has to offer, from rock climbing to hiking, archery, or horseback riding. Exercise releases endorphins, activating the brain’s pleasure centers for a natural high.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Sometimes addiction is so severe that medication-assisted treatment rehabilitation at a luxury drug or alcohol treatment center may be necessary even after the initial detox period, accompanied by counseling or therapy at the luxury rehab center.

Psychological Treatment

Used at many luxury rehabs, talk therapy, counseling, or psychotherapy is the recommended treatment for most addictions, because it may help uncover the underlying causes of the addiction, be it chronic pain or psychological problems, so that they can treated too.

Dual Diagnosis

Luxury rehabs know that not every addiction is strictly about the drug or drugs in your system. Sometimes the root cause of the addiction, or a co-occurring cause, is another addiction, a psychological issue, or a mental illness. Sometimes people try to self-medicate with alcohol or drugs, so both conditions need to be treated. Therapy at luxury addiction rehab treatment facilities can help address and treat such conditions.

Holistic Treatment

Holistic treatment – what the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health calls mind and body practices – isn’t scientific or evidence-based, doesn’t involve conventional medication or psychotherapy and – even though some may involve physical movement – isn’t considered exercise.

Luxury rehab addiction treatment facilities offer holistic treatment because it addresses addiction with alternatives to standard addiction treatment. Rehabs might offer:

  • Movement therapies, including Pilates, tai chi, and qigong.
  • Chiropractic spinal manipulation.
  • Massage therapy.
  • Meditation to reduce stress, reduce drug cravings, and prevent relapse.
  • Other relaxation practices, such as yoga, hypnotherapy, controlled breathing, animal therapy, guided imagery, and progressive muscle relaxation.
  • Alternative medicine treatment, such as Reiki, homeopathy, and reflexology.
    Nutrition, including herbal supplements.

Length of Stay

Addiction treatment at luxury rehabilitation centers doesn’t have a set time frame. For some people, longer inpatient stays at rehabs might even be detrimental to recovery. You’ll discover how long you need to stay, and we’ll help you get the rehab you need.

What Are the Types of Aftercare

When people leave luxury addiction rehab treatment facilities, they shouldn’t assume that they are cured. Relapses are not uncommon, so aftercare, in or out of a luxury rehabilitation center, is vital. Examples include:

  • Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous, both 12-step peer-run support groups that allow former addicts to meet, share stories, and take steps toward recovery. Some luxury rehab centers hold meetings of such groups within the rehabilitation centers.
  • SMART Recovery. Self-Management and Recovery Training is a non 12 step support group, based on cognitive behavioral therapy. Practitioners meet online or in person at rehab centers or other locations.
  • Individual or group therapy that teaches coping skills and how to avoid triggers. Former addicts receive this therapy alone or with other former addicts while attending a luxury rehab center and afterward.

Insurance for Luxury Rehabs

With the complexity of insurance coverage and laws, you might need help determining whether your insurance will cover rehabilitation at a luxury drug treatment center. Elite Rehab Placement will check your insurance eligibility for you.

Why Should You Choose Elite Rehab Placement to Find a Luxury Rehab Center?

Elite Rehab Placement offers choices in luxury inpatient addiction treatment centers. Its goal is to help place you on the path to recovery. It will help secure the rehab treatment options you want or need within its network of high-end luxury addiction treatment centers and will search outside this network of centers, if necessary.

Finding the Right Executive Luxury Rehab Center

At Elite Rehab Placement, our goal is to find the perfect treatment center based on the needs of each individual we work with.  Fortunately, we have a number of high end luxury addiction treatment centers that we would be happy to tell you all about.  Give us a call now to speak to one of our counselors about your luxury rehab options.

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