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Individual Addiction Counseling

When seeking an addiction rehab facility, its important to choose the right one. There are many things to consider, such as accommodations, treatment programs and insurance, but one thing that many overlook is individual counseling sessions. These are an important element to addiction recovery for many reasons.

Many rehab treatment programs find that counseling clients individually can be a highly effective way to recognize the self-destructive behaviors and to learn the tools necessary to change them.

How Individual Counseling Helps

Many people mistakenly believe that group therapy sessions will be enough to help them beat their addiction issues, but for some, group behavior sessions aren’t enough to help them recognize their triggers and stressors. This is where individual counseling can help people to recognize and modify their behaviors and reactions to life situations.

Sometimes, people find that they are drowning in guilt, depression and despair, and these are often linked to addiction and the desire to self-medicate themselves. Other situations where a person might find that they want to use substances or drink alcohol include people causing stress in their lives, relationship problems, and money issues.

Another time that individual counseling can be beneficial in the journey toward recovery is when it comes to identifying underlying psychological problems and having them treated. Drug and alcohol use is often the symptom of something deeper like anxiety or depression.

Individual counseling helps those battling addiction to identify what causes them to want to use. It also helps many people to let go of some of the common causes of substance abuse and drinking, including guilt, co-dependency, and feelings of depression.

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Benefits for Clients

Not only does individual counseling offer clients a chance to learn more about themselves, their addiction, and their triggers, it can also provide them with essential tools for coping with many everyday situations that can make people want to go back to their old behaviors. Counseling helps people to see the things that are negative in life for what they are and helps clients to deal with the negativity that arise in healthy ways.

Should You Look for Individual Counseling Sessions?

The great news for those that feel they would benefit from individual counseling sessions, as a part of their addiction recovery, is you don’t often have to look very far, because many programs include this type of therapy as part of their treatment. However, the amount of individual time a client will receive will vary widely depending on the facility. Clients struggling with depression, anxiety, or other mental issues will need more counseling to address these issues directly. In these situations it’s best to find a dual diagnosis facility to treat these issues along with addiction.

When seeking an addiction rehab center, it’s a good idea to find out how much individual counseling the program you’re considering offers. Some people do well with just a few individual therapy sessions, while others tend to thrive with a greater number of individual sessions.

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