Addiction Impacts Families But Family Counseling Can Help Repair What's Broken

All it Takes is One Phone Call to Start on the Road to Recovery

Addiction Counseling Sessions for Family and Friends

When building a successful alcohol and substance addiction treatment program, there are many important, and even essential elements. Family therapy is one key piece of the puzzle for successful rehab treatment. For families, this can be a difficult prospect, but there are many ways that families can get involved in the treatment of addiction.

There are many reasons why family members might not want to participate in family therapy, but this part of substance and alcohol addiction therapy can be extremely healing, both for the client, and their loved ones.

Don’t Let Distance Stop You

If you have a loved one that is battling addiction and seeking treatment, you might be asked to participate in family therapy. This is often held to help the client better understand their feelings about loved ones and gain a better understanding of how family members feel about them. Family therapy is also a good way to gain an understanding of what a person in therapy might need from loved ones when they get back to their normal lives.

In some cases, distance can be a problem when getting together for family therapy, but there are ways to connect and participate despite distance. Many facilities commonly encourage loved ones to join family therapy through a phone call, and now Skype or FaceTime can often be used to participate in this type of therapy.

There are many different ways for a person to connect and be a part of this essential type of therapy, even if it is a phone call, so don’t let distance stop you from being a part of your loved one’s recovery.

Don’t Let Your Emotions Stop You

Many people worry that family therapy will consist exclusively of airing grievances and “getting emotionally beat up on,” but this isn’t always the case. Many times, the person recovering from addiction simply needs to come to terms with things that happened that they might not understand. Other times, the need for the therapy is a simple apology.

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There is no need to be afraid of family therapy on an emotional level. Remember, the goal is to help your loved one get clean; the therapy is not about the family members, and it isn’t meant to have a “he said, she said” sort of disagreement.

Ultimately, family therapy can be an amazing tool in helping clients move a step further in their recovery, but it will depend on family members coming together in a loving, supportive manner to be effective. It is one of the many aspects of addiction therapy that has proven to be effective and healing.

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