Mindful Awareness

Mindful Awareness is a term that's getting a lot of attention.  It's being used a lot in therapy and self-help. It's also being used in addiction treatment programs. What is it?  How does it work? Can anyone do it, and does it have real value? Mindful Awareness and its Role in Addiction Treatment Mindful awareness [...]

Music as Therapy

The proof is in the pudding: powerful lyrics, a comforting melody, some loving harmony, and dance-worthy rhythms. The right song heals any problem and – just one – turns around a mood in minutes. The soundtrack to your life matters. After using drugs for however long, a rolling snowball may have gathered up some added [...]

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A Higher Power: More Than Just A God

Essential Things to Consider When Choosing Your Higher Power Everyone in my family is an addict. I’m not trying to one-up anyone by saying I’m the DNA goldmine of a predicted junkie – I’ve beaten those odds, so far, somehow, maybe – but by the end of reading this, through the sheer notion of a [...]

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Why use a Twelve Step Program?

The first twelve step program was co-created by Bill Wilson in the 1930’s as a way to help those struggling with alcoholism and that first twelve step program was, of course, Alcoholics Anonymous. This twelve step program has its roots in faith – specifically the bible.  When Bill Wilson was asked where the ideas came [...]

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