Music as Therapy

The proof is in the pudding: powerful lyrics, a comforting melody, some loving harmony, and dance-worthy rhythms. The right song heals any problem and – just one – turns around a mood in minutes. The soundtrack to your life matters. After using drugs for however long, a rolling snowball may have gathered up some added [...]

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A Higher Power: More Than Just A God

Essential Things to Consider When Choosing Your Higher Power Everyone in my family is an addict. I’m not trying to one-up anyone by saying I’m the DNA goldmine of a predicted junkie – I’ve beaten those odds, so far, somehow, maybe – but by the end of reading this, through the sheer notion of a [...]

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Why use a Twelve Step Program?

The first twelve step program was co-created by Bill Wilson in the 1930’s as a way to help those struggling with alcoholism and that first twelve step program was, of course, Alcoholics Anonymous. This twelve step program has its roots in faith – specifically the bible.  When Bill Wilson was asked where the ideas came [...]

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