Faith and Addiction Recovery – Does it help?


Ask anyone who has faith if it’s helped them overcome their addiction, and you’re likely in for a resounding yes. canstockphoto2478972Having faith has been shown to help many people to start living a happy, healthy, well-rounded addiction-free life, but is it the best choice for everyone?

In order to understand how Faith works, and how it has helped so many to overcome their addictions, it’s important to understand it. See, when a person has Faith, and uses it in their endeavors, they are placing their whole heart and belief in a Higher Power. They are believing that by taking steps themselves to fix their situation, things will eventually work out and become easier for them. Such is the case in using Faith to help them live clean and sober.

This is likely part of the reason that so many have found success with the help of step-based, or 12 step addiction treatments, because of their faith, or the Faith that develops in them, and the use of this belief in treating addiction.

Can having it help?

It’s important to understand that just because you are faithful or religious, you will not magically overcome your addiction. It still takes work on your part. It takes living a certain way and making good, healthy choices. The addiction is still there, it is simply put in a safe place. Away from you and your heart and mind, so that you are effectively able to live a healthy, happy, well-rounded life in so many other ways.

By that same token, the idea is that you become so wrapped up in the new way that you’re trying to live that your hard work and goodness blesses you by taking your addiction away. It is, in fact there, and recognizing the potential for relapse is essential, but it definitely helps many to stay clean and sober longer.

Making it work for you

Making the choice to use your Faith as a way to live clean and sober for life isn’t one that should be taken lightly. In fact, you might find that the very steps of a 12-step addiction treatment, and subsequent meetings that you attend make perfect sense to you, and that you fit with them, but for others even who have Faith, the steps and constraints of this type of program are not a good fit.

It’s important to understand that Faith and addiction recovery can, and often do, go hand-in-hand, but that you don’t have to apply a 12-step program if you don’t feel that it works. In fact, you can use your faith in any way that you choose, including choosing a treatment program that will work well for your needs.