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Luxury Rehab Centers Providing Executive Treatment

Executive luxury rehab centers have all of the amenities of a 5 star resort with one major difference.  The goal isn’t to have fun and drink margaritas by the pool.  The goal at these centers is to provide a comfortable environment for clients to learn to relax by the pool without that margarita.

The major benefit of a luxury alcohol rehab or luxury drug rehab center setting is that it allows clients to relax and let the problems from their life take a back seat.  This affords them the opportunity to look inward and become more focused on the recovery process.  The feeling of being away from home can often be disconcerting.  This is not so when you check into a luxury rehab facility.

Luxury and executive rehab centers include all, or some combination of, the following amenities:

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Luxury centers are normally located on the water or in the mountains.  Either way, beautiful views are always part of the package.

Taking a swim in the pool or relaxing in the hot tub are both great ways to relieve stress.

Physical fitness is a great focal point for a life without drugs and alcohol.  Most of these centers include not only a private gym, but personal trainers on staff to get clients off on the right foot.

Eating good is feeling good and on site executive chefs make sure everyone is feeling good in that regard.

The days are normally full of activities and counseling, making it ideal to unwind in a private suite, with private bathroom, at the end of the day.

Massage therapy is a great way to relieve stress.  Most luxury rehab centers will feature an on site massage therapist.

Some prefer acupuncture to massage and many luxury facilities will include this in their repertoire.

Many executives cannot just set their business obligations aside.  Executive treatment centers are aware of this and are much more lenient when it comes to cellphone and computer use.  Some even include a business center right on the premises

Other activities include a wide range of activities including; sailing, billiards, fishing, surfing, hiking, movies, on site recording studios, and a number of other things to keep clients busy.

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