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Finding the Best Drug Treatment Recovery Programs

The process to finding the best drug addiction treatment center could be a long and arduous journey. Here’s a few qualities you might want to pay attention to when looking for the best drug treatment center:

  • Counseling Opportunities

    You must have opportunities to engage publicly and privately with groups or a treatment professional about how to best deal with your addiction. There should be a focus on walking you through your treatment and drug recovery. You need to have conversations necessary to aid you in getting through the recovery program you are about to embark on.

  • Serious Bylaws

    You should find the rules including things like no substance use while a person is in facilities; limitations on visitation; no physical contact between patients; and requiring all participants to be at each drug treatment session. You must keep these rules in place, so everyone at the addiction recovery center is safe.

  • Costs of Drug Recovery

    Such pros and cons need to be weighed and measured. You need to ask yourself if you or your loved one will take the drug recovery program seriously. You have to make sure the person will not relapse right after getting out of treatment. If that happens, then why did you invest all that money? Make sure the cost and benefit are equal.

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What to Know About Drug Rehab?

Drug addiction treatment centers are designed to help addicted individuals, like yourself or your loved one, put an end to this dangerous behavior.

What happens is you are moved off the drug you are addicted to and often onto either Methadone or Naltrexone. However, there are situations during the drug detoxing process where medication is not required. You might also benefit from taking advantage of the 24-hour medical support system often offered to patients.

You will find that drug treatment programs, which are focused on making sure drug addicts are clean, usually take place anywhere from 3 weeks to 12 months. Some of the programs, short-term or long-term, offer 12-step strategies, which help to transition you back into their normal life.

Drug treatment centers will often have group counseling dialogues, geared to promoting a supportive setting to help drug addicts receive support from one another. With the support you receive from other drug addicts, you are able to handle the stresses and anxiety often found in recovery programs.

Many drug addiction treatment centers offer medical care to the drug addicts

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These are some of the many things you can expect at a drug addiction treatment program. It is important to do research regarding the type of treatment that you need.

Why People Avoid Seeking Drug Treatment Centers

Many drug abusers like yourself are reluctant to immediately seek treatment. Here are a few of the common reasons we get from addicts who do not wish to seek drug recovery:

This is maybe the most basic excuse people have. You might be thinking it will be extremely difficult to live without the drug you’ve been addicted to for quite some time. But, that’s not the route to happiness for you. Letting fear get in the way of you calling us for help is not the path to success.

Some drug addicts can remain very energetic and productive in their daily life, despite the impact drugs may have on them. You may be the all-star at work and have multiple responsibilities to your family. Despite being able to admit you abuse prescription drugs or have another addiction, you might not do anything really to fix it.

While these may be things you think are stopping you from seeking an addiction treatment center, they really aren’t. You know you can get better. You just need to build up the courage and confidence necessary to execute the task.

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Opiate Abuse Signs

Types of Drug Recovery Programs

There are many options that we will show you once you’ve decided you need a drug recovery program. It’s our job to make sure you’re able to find a treatment facility that can not only help you kick your addiction, but also offer you the comfort you desire. Here are some of the drug recovery programs you can expect to find:

This will last anywhere from 3 to 12 months. The goal will be to re-acclimate you back into society. You may also be able to get employment training; treatment for special needs; support services; and many other options.

This is the type of service that takes place only during the day. This can be very similar to the residential offerings.

The option for individual drug aid places the importance on the complete halting of drug or alcohol use. It will help educate you on the side effects that come with drug abuse. You might be recommended to take part in a similar 12-step program a couple times a week and be referred to other medical, psychiatric, employment and likewise services.

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Signs and Symptoms of Substance Abuse Addiction

Now, you must be asking what to look for. How do you know if you or your loved one needs to go to rehab for drug abuse at all? It can be very confusing, we know. But, you need to educate yourself or your loved one on the ways they might be abusing drugs. Here are some signs that are pretty common for drug abuse:

You may find you have become so accustomed to using the drug, you now need even more of it to feel the euphoric side effects associated with it. You used to only need to take smaller amounts to feel the effects, but now you need much more. Call us today, and we’ll help you find ways to overcome addiction.

You might be using this new drug to make yourself feel much better. Perhaps, you started taking this drug to stop yourself from feeling the side effects. This is absolutely no reason you should be taking drugs, especially if you have already been addicted to another.

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Continue on Your Journey with Aftercare

Now, once you’ve completed your drug recovery program, it’s time for you to experience the benefits of aftercare. During this process you will be educated on all the post-drug recovery factors that could lead you to jumping back into your addiction. Here are a few things you can expect from aftercare:

  • Continued outpatient aftercare
  • Relapse, recovery gatherings
  • Recovery therapy discussion
  • Drug free group home
  • Access to recovery wrap around

Aftercare will help you in many ways.

FAQS About Drug Treatment Programs

We know you are fretting right now, but don’t worry. Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQS) about drug treatment centers and their recovery programs:

How Much Will My Treatment Cost?

The cost of drug addiction center can be costly. You are paying them for a program that will cure them of their ailments and put you on the path to happiness once more. But, you need to keep in mind the price. It can be very costly to you, if you don’t pick the best program. Here are some basic costs you can expect without health insurance:

  • Basic Drug Recovery Programs: $2,000.
  • 30-Day Inpatient or Residential Programs: $6k-$30k.
  • 90-Day Inpatient or Residential Programs: $16k-$50k.
  • Outpatient Methadone Treatments: $7,400.
  • High Quality Drug Addiction Treatment Programs: $7,500-$20,000.
  • Luxury Rehab Programs: $80k-$120k.

Without your insurance covering your drug treatment costs, you might find yourself in tougher waters.

We will make sure you have the best drug treatment center at the level of your comfort and needs to augment your recovery. We look forward to helping you every step of the way!

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Does Treatment Always Work?Alcohol Abuse Treatment

With drug recovery programs, it really depends on you. You are the one who will determine whether or not the program works. It’s all about will power. Can you find the strength and courage necessary to defeat the drug addiction you’ve found yourself abusing? Remember that you are the determiner of your fate and whether or not the recovery program works. Our team will connect you with excellent drug treatment programs and the best rehab centers they take place in.

What are Some Rules and Regulations of Treatment?

When you enter an addiction treatment center for drugs, you will encounter many different rules you need to follow as a part of your recovery process. If you don’t follow these rules, you may have your privileges taken away; your stay will be increased; or you’ll flat out get kicked out. Keep these in mind:

It is a pretty obvious rule. You cannot take drugs or drink alcohol during your time at a treatment center. This may be pretty straightforward, but the bylaw wouldn’t be in place, if it didn’t happen before. Such activity would make your recovery impossible. So, why try? Alongside not taking drugs or doing alcohol, you won’t want to share drugs you are prescribed with other drug abusers for the very reason, they might become addicted to them.

You will be put under a tight schedule you will be expected to keep each day. Such basic things like breakfast and dinner will be some of the basics. This strictness will help you all the more when you go back out into the real world.

You will be expected to keep your quarters clean. This will in turn show the drug recovery specialists you have respect for the addiction treatment center you are staying in but for them as well.

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