Holistic Therapies at Rehab

Holistic Therapy is a kind of treatment that exclusively focuses on the overall well-being of an individual while at the same time, still treating the physical symptoms that are caused by both addiction and withdrawal. This kind of therapy is a comprehensive, non-medical treatment that is mostly used to complement traditional treatment practices. Holistic treatment in addiction gives an individual a new chance to be able to increase all the aspects of their health: body, mind, and soul.

Holistic healing programs also feature personalized methods of addiction healing. Holistic therapists specialize in treating physical and mental addiction symptoms in individuals with mental addiction symptoms as well as nutritional and emotional imbalances. Poor diets, lack of sleep and emotional stress are all potential obstacles that a Holistic therapy treatment can be able to resolve. Like any other personal therapy session, holistic healing treatment can be flexible and will vary to cater for the needs of each individual.

So what really is Holistic Addiction Recovery?

Well, according to the American Holistic Health Association the holistic treatment method encourages individuals to include healing strategies that will benefit the whole person. While overall health is important to the success of any health treatment, for chronic conditions such as addition, the patient’s complete health as a whole is extremely important to the results of the treatment.

You are likely to find many options for your drug treatment. You may be curious about what holistic drug rehab can do for you. Well, we are more than happy to share our knowledge to help you make the best decision. A drug addiction rehab center with holistic treatment is focused on giving patients the ability to express their thoughts and feelings through different holistic activities alongside regular rehab activities.

These can include dance/movement therapy; Tai Chi; art therapy; leisure and recreational skills; spiritual growth and development; cultural maturity; vocation work; and mental health and physical health. You will want to consider these when you are making your decision to get clean. Such a choice doesn’t need to be made alone. As we have provided you with this information today, so will we have many conversations with you over the phone about the best holistic drug rehab centers.

We will recommend many to you that will be able to fight your drug addiction. Don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are the most empathetic and experienced rehab professionals you will ever encounter. When you call, make sure to have a copy of your insurance plan ready, so we can go through which holistic drug rehab centers cover it!Holistic Rehab Center

Why is Holistic Rehab Beneficial?

Holistic rehab centers are known to use a combination of nature-based therapies along with traditional treatments. In case you begin a holistic treatment, you should expect to get involved in both one-on-one and group counseling sessions with a professional therapist. All counseling sessions in this treatment are conducted by a trained therapist.

Treating the Mind

Most addiction cases begin after an individual experiences some difficulty in their life that forces them to seek substances that will help them cope with whatever difficulty they are experiencing. During the individual sessions, a trained therapist will train the patient with new skills that they could use when dealing with real-life problems, much of this kind of therapy has to do with learning a fresh new set of skills on how to think about obstacles in life.

Treating the Spirit

There is more to holistic recovery than just going through counseling. Acupuncture will be used to help individuals overcome anxiety, depression, and stress. Other methods used will include yoga, meditation, and spiritual instruction. These treatments are focused on addressing your emotion and outside environment. This in effect helps to prevent the patient from unconsciously reacting.

Treating the Body

Holistic healing improves the overall health of a person. To overcome their addiction, a patient will have to treat their spirit, mind, and body. Holistic treatment centers use all kinds of methods to achieve this like:

  • Massages
  • Nutritional Education
  • Healthy Diets
  • Exercise for Overall Health

It’s very important that the body is able to heal after substance abuse; a healthy person has a better chance of taking control of their mental health. Exercising regularly is a natural defense against anxiety and depression.

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Holistic Therapy vs. Medication Assisted Therapy

Medicated Assisted Therapy is a type of addiction healing where the medication is provided to a patient during the recovery period to ease the withdrawal symptoms and help in fighting cravings. The viability of this treatment is still contested with some professionals stating that this kind of treatment is ineffective, and the patient only trades the addiction to the medication they are receiving. However, while different medications work differently per patient, medicated assisted therapy has proven to work in patients who have been diagnosed with addiction. While Medicated Assisted treatment is been used to treat and offset cravings for Marijuana and nicotine, it had initially been developed to combat alcohol addiction.

So, what, is the difference between Holistic Therapy and Medicated Therapy? Well, the difference is in their functionality. Medicated assisted treatment will work by altering the way a patient’s body metabolizes the drug they are addicted to. The patient will no longer have cravings for their drug of choice, and may even feel physically sick in case they try to use the drug again. Holistic Therapy on the other hand, rather than just addressing the symptom immediately, a holistic Therapist will look at all the underlying causes of the addiction, considering the patients physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual states of well-being and health. From that point, they will work to restore the patient’s natural balance, which in effect will improve their health and overall well-being.

Paying for Holistic Rehab

Addiction healing cost varies from one addiction center to the next. Some Holistic treatment centers offer free programs while others will cost thousands of dollars per session. No matter your financial situation, there is an addiction treatment center for you. With the right resources, anyone can be healed. Most addiction treatment institutions have financing options, accept insurance and offer financial aid.