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What Is Faith-Based Rehab and How Does it Work?

Drug use hurts you physically and mentally. Some people believe that it can also hurt you spiritually. To reconnect with your spiritual side, or to find spiritual-based help to treat your addiction, you might want to consider attending a faith-based drug rehab center.

Most faith-based drug rehab programs and centers share similar elements with non-faith-based rehab programs and centers. They can conduct detox (detoxification) procedures, use different medications and other types of medical treatments, hold individual and group therapy sessions, and offer 12 Step treatment and Non 12 Step programs. Faith-based rehab programs and centers incorporate religion into these treatment options. They might talk about religious principles at meetings, add Bible or Quran study to the treatment process, or employ staff members who have religious training.

How Do 12 Step Programs Relate to Faith-Based Rehab Programs and Centers?

12 Step programs are a popular example of faith-based rehab programs. Originally developed to address alcohol abuse, there are 12 Step programs that also address the abuse of drugs in general, specific kinds of drugs, certain behaviors (such as gambling), and the family members of people with such issues.

No matter what they treat, 12 Step programs involve faith. Some of the program’s twelve steps talk about a higher power or God. Some people say that this refers to God specifically, while others say that this refers to a powerful, guiding force not tied to any specific religion. Both faith-based and non-faith-based rehab centers offer 12 Step programs on inpatient and outpatient terms. These programs are also often a popular treatment option after a person’s official rehab ends. There are 12 Step programs for various issues in various locations all over the world.

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What Kind of Religions are Related to Faith-Based Drug Rehab Centers?

If you are a Christian and want to find a faith-based drug treatment center, you are in luck. There are Christian rehab centers that offer treatments based on Christianity. There are also secular rehab centers that offer certain kinds of treatment options connected to Christian principles and practices, such as Bible study classes. Still other rehab centers are more secular but employ a non-denominational minister on staff.

There are also faith-based rehab options for drug abuse for people of different faiths. There are a growing number of Jewish rehab centers and programs that treat substance abuse problems in the United States and overseas.

Like Christian-based programs, these programs often incorporate the teachings of Judaism into treatments and encourage people to explore their spirituality. Similarly, Muslims based in Asia can seek faith-based drug treatment based on Islamic principles.

Also in Asia, a Buddhist temple in Thailand uses meditation, which is a common Buddhist practice, as part of its rehabilitation offerings. Other centers around the world use meditation. Several rehab centers also use yoga, which itself is a part of a number of religions, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism.

Is a Faith-Based Rehab Program or Treatment Center Right for Me?

Your beliefs and your goals could help determine if a faith-based rehab program is right for you. Are you currently religious? Do you want to become religious again or explore your spirituality for the first time? If you answered yes to these questions, a faith-based rehab center, or a specific faith-based program within another rehab center, might be right for you.

Even if you are not religious, you could participate in a faith-based program that has other treatment components if you find these components attractive. Of course, if you would rather not address spirituality at all, there are several kinds of non-faith-based rehab centers and programs available. Regardless of your interests or needs, you can find a good rehab program or center.

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