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What Is a Christian Drug Rehab Center?

Christian rehab centers and nonreligious rehab centers both treat people who are battling all sorts of addictions and issues. Addictions include problems with drug addiction in general, alcohol, or specific kinds of medication. They also treat people grappling with certain behaviors, such as addictions to pornography or gambling, or people with issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and eating disorders.

Yet as the name indicates, Christian drug rehab centers address drug addiction from a Christian perspective. They might encourage people to embrace Christianity and its principles. They might conduct Bible study sessions in which participants study the text to determine how it can help them with their addictions. Christian rehab centers might offer formal worship services or masses, hold informal services called devotionals, or encourage their residents to meet in groups to discuss Christian teachings. Christian rehab centers also sometimes offer practices specific to certain religions. Catholic rehab centers, for example, might allow residents to confess their sins to priests at the centers.

There are several Christian rehab centers in the United States. There are even more nonreligious rehab programs that feature optional Christian components, such as Bible study groups. This means that if you are looking to find a Christian rehab center or Christian treatment program, you should be able to find one that suits you.

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How Is a Christian Rehab Center Different from a Non-Christian Rehab Center?

Christian rehab drug centers also have different types of employees. Secular and Christian centers both employ people with training in medicine, psychology, social work, and other fields. Christian drug rehab centers also typically employ a religious figure, such as a minister or a priest, to address the needs of their residents. Secular centers sometimes have ministers on staff, too, but they frequently use less specifically Christian titles, such as spiritual adviser. Some Christian drug rehab centers sometimes offer Christian therapists. These therapists have studied how the Bible relates to counseling in addition to their regular counseling studies.

Programs at Christian rehab centers might emphasize religion more. For example, several rehab centers offer 12 step treatment programs that help guide a person through sobriety. A number of these steps discuss the presence of God or a higher power. Some say that this higher power is a guiding presence but not a god of any particular religion. A Christian rehab center would obviously refer to this higher presence as the God of the Christian belief system.

How Do Christian Rehab Centers Address Your Life Before and After Rehab?

In some ways, Christian drug rehab centers and secular drug rehab centers address the treatment process the same way. If your drug addiction is severe, both centers will require you to detox, or detoxify your body from toxins, before you can proceed with any further treatment. Following your treatment in rehab, both types of centers strongly advise you to seek additional types of care.

Care after rehab can take a number of different forms. It can include participating in individual or group therapy. It can also include participating in 12 Step programs or Non 12 Step programs. Christian rehab centers often advise that this care be Christian. Some advise that you attend church services or participate in church-related programs that address addictions. Both Christian and secular rehab centers, then, encourage you to connect with others in the course of your recovery.

Will a Christian Rehab Center Work for Me?

Christian drug rehab centers typically accept Christians, people of other faiths, and people who do not have a particular faith. Whether you want to attend a Christian rehab center might be another thing entirely. If you are religious and live your life based on Christian teachings, you might find a Christian drug rehab center to be a good fit.

If you are not religious, you might want to question whether a faith-based program could work for you. If discussing religion does not bother you and you like the other options at a particular faith-based center, that kind of center could still work well for you. Talk to the center’s staff members or check its web site to determine if you are comfortable with the center’s use of religion. If you are comfortable with your treatment, you are more likely to follow it. If you follow your treatment, you have a greater chance of succeeding.

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