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What Is a Christian Drug Rehab Center?

A Christian drug rehab center addresses drug addiction and recovery from a Christian perspective. Christian addiction treatment uses Christianity and its teachings as a form of strength guidance and support for addicts seeking help. They encourage people to embrace Christianity and its principles during their recovery from drug addiction. These centers use Christian faith to help addicts make sense of their situation and help them realize that they are not alone in their battle.

Christian drug rehabs conduct Bible study sessions in which participants study the text to determine how it relates to addiction and to find advice to use when going forward into a life without drugs. Christian rehab centers might offer formal worship services or masses, hold informal services called devotionals, or encourage their residents to meet in groups to discuss Christian teachings. Christian rehab centers also sometimes offer practices specific to certain religions. Catholic rehab centers, for example, might allow residents to confess their sins to priests at the centers.

There are numerous Christian rehab centers in the United States. There are even more nonreligious rehab programs that feature optional Christian components, such as Bible study groups. If you are looking to find a Christian rehab facility you should be able to find one that suits you. We can help you with this process and our services are always 100% free for you.

Christian Drug Rehab

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The Christian Addiction Treatment Process: What to Expect

Christian addiction treatment centers have all of the professional staff a regular rehab would have. Christian drug rehab centers also typically employ a religious figure, such as a minister or a priest, to address the needs of their residents. These therapists have studied how the Bible relates to counseling in addition to their regular counseling studies.

Programs at a Christian drug rehab might emphasize religion more. For example, several rehab centers offer 12 step treatment programs that help guide a person through sobriety. A number of these steps discuss the presence of God or a higher power. Some say that this higher power is a guiding presence but not a god of any particular religion. A Christian rehab center would obviously refer to this higher presence as the God of the Christian belief system.

There is a 4 part process to virtually all drug and alcohol rehab centers that you can expect at your Christian drug rehab.

  1. Intake – Upon arrival you will meet with the medical team to evaluate your physical and mental health. It is important to be honest about your drug use as this information will be used to develop your treatment plan.
  2. Detox – As with many rehabs, Christian addiction treatment still requires you to go through detox. The withdrawal symptoms can be so painful and uncomfortable that it is important to detox while under medical supervision.
  3. Treatment and Therapy – This is where the religious component of your Christian drug rehab visit will truly be implemented. Your treatment, counseling and therapy are all developed to have a Christian element to them. Bible study, group therapy, listening to religious experts, guest speakers and individual counseling with a spiritual counselor can all be expected.
  4. Aftercare – Before leaving your Christian rehab center, your addiction counselor should have an aftercare plan for you to follow.

How Do Christian Rehab Centers Prepare You for Life After Treatment?

Following your treatment in rehab, most centers strongly advise you to seek additional types of care. Typically, there will be an outpatient facility in your community that the addiction counselor will recommend for you. Also, your counselor should find sober support groups for you to connect with in your community. Many 12 step programs mention having a Higher Power and God but never refer to Christianity exclusively. For someone looking for an exclusive Christian sober support group there are programs out there in your community for you to utilize. Some advise that you attend church services or participate in church-related programs that address addictions. Both Christian and secular rehab centers, then, encourage you to connect with others in the course of your recovery.

Paying for Christian Drug Rehab

Paying for Christian addiction treatment can be around the same price as other facilities. The style of center you choose and the amenities included are one factor to consider when discussing price. The main deciding factor on what your treatment will cost is the type of insurance you have. There are many cases where patients can get into a Christian drug rehab program with no out of pocket expenses, at all. Others have insurance that will cover a certain percentage of the rehab visit. There are many factors to consider when figuring what going to rehab will cost, for a fast response contact us at ERP. Our insurance experts will verify your benefits and match you with the best Christian drug rehab that meets your budget. Our services are always 100% free to those who call.

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