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Drug Detox: Methods, Withdrawal Symptoms, and More

Drug DetoxAre you or someone you know addicted to drugs? Do you want to end this addiction? Detoxing from drugs is a good place to start.

To rid your body of drugs, you undergo a process called detox. The process is also known as detoxification or withdrawal therapy. It is a procedure that physically removes the drugs from your body.

Drug detox involves various medical procedures to treat a medical condition, addiction. As with other medical procedures, drug detox can produce different symptoms, so it is important to receive professional medical help during your drug detox.

The Early Stages of Drug Detox

Drugs can produce different effects when put into your body. Drugs can also produce different effects when you withdraw from them. Your detox from drugs depends on what drugs you are trying to eliminate. Detoxing from drugs can also produce different symptoms.

Drug Detox Withdrawal Signs and Symptoms

Although it is necessary, detoxing from drugs can be painful. A major symptom is often the desire for more drugs. Drugs such as opioids (painkillers) stimulate and even change sections in the brain responsible for happiness. Users thus experience a physical and psychological need for the drug in order to feel well.

Opioid withdrawal also produces drug detox symptoms. It could produce digestive distress in the form of abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. It can make your body ache, give you the chills, give you large pupils, and make you yawn. It can even affect your mood by making you agitated or severely negative.

Types of Drug Detox

Your drug detox experience depends on the types of drugs you are abusing. It also depends on how severe your addiction is. You might detox from drugs on an outpatient basis. This means you will visit the detox facility regularly but not stay there as a resident. You will, however, stay overnight at an inpatient detox facility. This type of facility can be a stand-alone type of center, part of a hospital, or part of a rehab facility. Inpatient detox centers frequently treat drug detox cases that involve the treatment of other issues or more substantial kinds of medical monitoring.

One well-known type of drug detox center is commonly known as a methadone clinic. There are inpatient and outpatient types of methadone clinics.

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Methods for Drug Detoxification

A methadone clinic uses methadone or other drugs to replace the opioid drugs you are eliminating. It is a type of treatment known as medication-assisted treatment (MAT). Another detoxification method is known as rapid detox. In this process, opioid users receive substantial amounts of medications that block opioids. This process sometimes also uses general anesthesia but can be very dangerous.

Why you Should Not Detox at Home

Speaking of danger, be careful if you are trying to detox from drugs on your own. Drug detox is all about the effects of drugs on your system. You need people who know how drugs affect the body and people who can help you monitor the overall health of your body. In short, you need professional medical help.


To detox from drugs, many people turn to drug detox kits. People often use these kits to rapidly detox if they want to pass a work-related or court-ordered drug test. Although these kits are readily available in stores and on the internet, they might not be a good drug detox option. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not test these kits, so you might not know about the safety of their ingredients, how they interact with other compounds, and how they can affect the human body. If you buy a detox kit from the Internet, then, you do not know exactly what it is you are buying.

As with a lot of things in life, if a drug detox kit seems to good be true, it probably is. You should question any drug detox kit that seems extremely inexpensive, promises extremely quick results,  and says it is painless and does not produce any symptoms. Detoxing from drugs can be difficult, but it can be managed.

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How Long Does Drug Detox Take?

The process of detoxing can take hours or days. You might also continue to feel the effects of the withdrawal for weeks afterward.

After your detox from drugs, the length of your additional treatments can vary. The length depends on the drug you were taking, how severely you were addicted, and the types of treatment you are receiving. Even after these steps, it is important to remember that treatment is often a lifetime process.

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Medications Used in Drug Detox

As we have seen, drugs can play an important part in detoxing from drugs. One drug used in drug detox is the blood pressure medication clonidine. This drug calms the “fight or flight” response that opioid users often experience when they are withdrawing from drugs.

Interestingly, doctors sometimes prescribe methadone (sometimes under the brand names Dolophine and Methadose) and other opioids to people withdrawing from the incorrect use of other opioids—they use opioids in place of other opioids. Some of the other opioids used as treatment include buprenorphine or a mixture of buprenorphine and naloxone known as Suboxone. These drugs are powerful and can be addictive in their own right. Drug-assisted detox thus requires careful medical supervision.

Drug Detox Is the First Stage of Treatment

Detoxing from drugs is an important step in your treatment. It is also the first step. After your detox, you will need to find further treatment.

This treatment can come in the form of 12 Step programs and Non 12 Step programs, outpatient treatment centers, inpatient rehab centers, or a combination of those. You might go through detox, seek treatment at an inpatient treatment center, and then attend meetings with people who have had similar substance abuse and recovery issues.

Treatment that Fits Your Needs

Several inpatient rehab centers offer in-house facilities that will help you detox from drugs. This allows you to detox from drugs and then pursue other treatment options without the hassle of having to uproot yourself and move to another facility.

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