Facts About the Dangerous Drug Spice

Spice AddictionOf all of the illegal drugs out there, the dangerous drug spice isn’t known enough about between all of the age groups. This drug is often misconceived as one that isn’t as dangerous as others, however, it can be deadly. Spice is a synthetic drug that is generally smoked and will resemble some similar effects of marijuana. The thing is that this is basically an incense that is covered with a synthetic cannabinoid. Many people who have been using Spice have been experiencing life-threatening dangers. If you have used Spice, be sure to reach out for addiction treatments from an addiction rehab center as soon as you can. You don’t have to risk your life any longer. An addiction recovery facility wants to help you get free from the pull this drug has. If you do not know already, this drug isn’t what it seems. Some of the facts about the dangerous drug Spice include the following:

  • There are many negative side effects when using Spice. Some of the many side effects that someone who uses this dangerous drug may experience include vomiting, nausea, agitation, higher blood pressure levels, higher heart rates, seizures, losing consciousness, other harmful effects and even death.
  • The United States Poison Control Center gets approximately seven hundred calls in one year regarding use of this drug. When someone calls the Poison Control Center it is because they believe they or someone else has been poisoned. Think about that for a minute. Someone is using a drug and they feel like they have been poisoned. The drug must be dangerous.
  • There are many names that Spice is classified under. The more that you know about various drugs the better and if you know the street names for this drug you can stay informed. Some of the names that Spice is also named under include K2, Ultra, Genie, Bombay Blue and others.
  • This drug has much more potency than marijuana. When people get this drug they often think that it is going to be similar to marijuana but the thing is that it isn’t. This drug has dangers that have caused many deaths.

These are some of the facts regarding the dangerous drug Spice. If you or someone that you love has used Spice and you can’t seem to stop, don’t wait to contact an addiction rehab center! You can save your own life and overcome the addiction you have to this dangerous and deadly drug!