If You’re in Recovery, Stay Away From These Social Situations

Alcohol RecoveryWalking the path of sobriety is a great path, as you get to navigate life with a clear head, feeling good about yourself. Do temptations ever come to drink? Sure, but hopefully you can ride those waves out and continue your path of recovery.

As you move forward on your recovery journey, knowing what kinds of social situations to avoid will certainly help you stay sober. There are some social gatherings that you may not be able to opt out, like the office Christmas party, but there are certainly other social scenes that you can avoid. Today, let’s take a look at where you should steer clear.

  1. Drinking parties. Yes, you should avoid parties where you know alcohol or drugs will be served. Maybe parties used to be fun for you, but now that you’re sober and wanting to stay that way, it’s wise to politely decline when you’re invited to a party. Why? Because even though you may think you can say No to drinking, once you’re there, the temptation may just be too much.
  2. Sporting events. You might want to avoid attending the big game with the guys if you know they will be drinking. Tailgating is out of the question too. Can you ever go to a game? Sure, but be smart about who you attend the game with and have a support network you can call on if you get there and become tempted to drink.
  3. Gatherings where drama abounds. Maybe you’ve got those friends who always tend to argue when you go have dinner at their house. Or the family that drives you bonkers with their stories about their problems. It might be a good idea to limit your time with such friends or family members.
  1. Concerts. Sure, concerts are fun events, but much of the time they are also full of alcohol loving people who just want to drink and party. Many are also held in a bar, which may be quite tempting for you, so it’s wise to skip the concert scene for a while or maybe forever. Or attend low-key concerts that are more family friendly.

Now you may have super good will power in social situations where booze is booming, but really think the scenario through before you attend the event. Your recovery is important and you wouldn’t want one night out to jeopardize what you’ve gained so far in your sobriety journey.