Working While Overcoming An Addiction – Can You Do It?


When it comes to working while overcoming an addiction, many people wonder if they should even give it a try. After all, who needs the stress and anxiety of a job, especially while getting clean and sober, right? The thing is, we all need to support ourselves. Unfortunately, depending on others to take care of us minimizes our personal responsibility and control over our lives.

So, is it possible to work while you’re working on getting clean and sober? What kind of work should you be doing? Do you have to give up your career just because you want to stay addiction free?

Why Working While Kicking Your Habit is Tough

Before you shut someone down because they don’t want to work during their recovery, it’s important to understand that this is a really scary undertaking. For many people, work is a place where you can be judged by your performance, and even as a person. When you tell your boss that you’re working on living addiction-free and you’re in recovery, he might not even mean to judge, but it happens.

If you don’t currently have a job, it can be really hard to get started with a schedule, learning something new and trying to make new friends. Add all these things to having to worry about not fitting in because you can’t or won’t go out after work, or that you feel like you’re not ready to spend time with your new friends, and you can be looking at an experience that is scarier than anything you’ve taken on in the past.

Not only that, but if you’re working and you have other family obligations, it often feels like you don’t have enough time to focus on your recovery, and that alone can cause many people to relapse.

The Ideal Work for Recovery

Now, you might be wondering what the ideal work for recovery is. You know you need to support yourself, and you know you need to be a contributor, but what can you do that won’t cause you to want to relapse all the time?

Experts feel that the ideal work for addiction recovery is something that you’re going to love if possible. If you can be fully engaged in what you’re doing, it’s likely that it will actually benefit your journey. A good example would be if you loved gardening and growing things and you chose to get a job at a nursery. This kind of job might be a great option, because there is usually very little stress, and if you love growing things, it can be extremely rewarding.

Many who are in addiction recovery choose to do creative things to make a living. Writing, painting, making jewelry, and even starting a blog tend to be really big options for those who want to start working but stay strong on their recovery journey.

Others still choose to go into the industry of addiction treatment. They might work at the rehab they attended as a receptionist, cook, or even go to school to become a counselor or addiction therapist. In many ways, being surrounded by others who are working to get clean and sober, and continuing a personal recovery journey can be really rewarding for the long-term.

Do you have to give up Your Current Career?

The next big question is whether or not you really have to give up your current career. Some people find that their high-stress jobs are enough of a trigger to start using or drinking again, while others find that the career that they love is only emphasized by their sobriety.

If you’re one of the many that simply loves what you do so much that you don’t want to give it up, it’s important to

find a way to stay stress-free while you continue to do what you love. Stress can be a major trigger in whether or not you relapse, so while you’re in recovery, making it a point to step away and work on you can be an essential in staying healthy and addiction-free.

However, if you find that your job is bogging you down and that you simply don’t want to stick with the grind any longer, it’s likely time to change your focus. Yes, giving up the money will likely be hard, since many high-paying careers are linked to higher rates of addiction, but in the end, you’ll likely find that your recovery is much more important than driving an expensive car or living in a million dollar house.

It Might Have More to Do with Who you’re Surrounded By

You might actually be surprised to find that your recovery and triggers have less to do with what you do, as who you’re surrounded by. If you work in a job that has lots of people that abuse substances or alcohol, you’re likely to find that you want to, as well. Many people find that simply by transferring their work location and getting started with new co-workers, or even working from home if possible makes all the difference in whether or not they struggle with triggers for relapse.

How to Make Working While Overcoming an Addiction Work for You

If you want to make working while overcoming an addiction work for you, it’s important that you give it a lot of thought. In order to really embrace your recovery in all aspects of your life, you’ll likely want to choose work that makes you feel great about yourself and your recovery.

Talking to your therapist, or your counselor can help to find a job choice that really helps you to stay clean and sober. Consider all of your options, and where you would like to be in your recovery in six months, a year, and even five years. You might just find that there are opportunities that you would never have dreamt of while you were actively using or drinking.

Proceed with caution, but embrace potential changes. Be aware of things like anxiety, depression and even fear, and know how to take them on when they pop up. You should also stay strong with your aftercare program, as this is one of the most important ways that many try to avoid relapsing in general.

Before You Go Back to Work, You Need to Seek Treatment

Before you go back to work and even consider what you’ll be doing after you get addiction treatment, you’ll need to seek treatment in the first place. Overcoming an addiction is never easy, and if you feel that you are struggling with it, it’s important to seek help before you can move forward in any area of your life.

We can help you find a rehab that will really work for your needs. Did you know that there are facilities that even give you time to work each day? You’ll have access to a computer and phone, and be able to continue working while you’re in treatment. This gives you the ability to stay connected to a career that you love and figure out how you can incorporate it into your recovery.

Or, if you’re between jobs, or not currently working, maybe you just want to focus on overcoming your addiction right now. There are amazing rehab options for you, too. We can help you find them.

At Elite Rehab Placement, we work to help you find the right addiction treatment program for your needs. Our treatment experts talk to you and get to know you so that we can offer you choices that you’ll feel really confident in. Plus, there’s never any obligation or cost to you. So, you just get rehab options that make sense for your recovery and addiction to choose from. No pressure, no pushing, just options.

As a plus, you’ll even find that we talk to your insurance company for you. So there’s never any question of what treatment will be covered and what won’t. You’re going to know right off the bat how much you’ll have to come up with out of pocket. Then, to take things one step further, our counselors can help you find payment options for the amount that you will wind up paying. So, no matter whether it’s an affordable payment plan, a grant or even a scholarship, you’ll never be left wondering how you can get the addiction treatment you need.

Working while overcoming an addiction can be done. It is successfully done by millions each year, and you can do it, too. But first, you need to seek treatment to help you get started on the road to recovery. We can help you get there, so why not give us a call today and find out how we can help you change your life?