How did You Wind up Addicted, but Nobody Else Seems to Be?


Do you ever ask how did you wind up addicted when it seems like nobody else you started drinking or using with is iStock_000007230532_Mediumanymore? Why did they just get to walk away from the addiction but you’re stuck here dealing the best you can? How did you wind up being the one that has to suffer from the urges, cravings and withdrawal symptoms, but nobody else does?

It’s frustrating, and it’s not fair. Because here you are, needing to quit to live a normal life, but the very people who got you started aren’t even affected by addiction. So, is there a science behind it? Is there something you did wrong? It’s not like you said you wanted to develop your addiction, so what’s the deal?

So why do some wind up addicted, while others don’t?

There is some pretty mixed information about all this, but the bottom line is that addiction starts in your brain. When you start to believe that you need to drink or get high to survive, you’re addicted. More to the point, when your brain develops a dependence to something, it’s called physical dependence. When you develop an emotional attachment, you’ve crossed over to full-blown addiction.

People can become physically dependent without becoming addicted. Addiction is a much deeper emotional attachment to substances or alcohol. Some people can go out, drink or casually get high, go home, and live their lives without wanting more. For others, the pleasure center of the brain has been activated. It feels good, and they want more. This is the beginning of dangerous using or drinking behavior.

What can you do about it?

Okay, so now that you know why some people wind up addicted, and others don’t, if you’re battling an addiction, and you’re reading this, you probably want to know what you can do about it. Okay, so we’ve covered the fact that it’s not fair. We’ve examined our feelings about addictions, and we’re all pretty sure it sucks. So now you need to know how to fix it and stop letting your addiction control your life.

By addressing the situation head on, you can effectively kick the habit and start feeling healthy and in control of your life. It’s important to understand what drives your addition emotionally. This will likely require some therapy, because if you could deal with it all on your own, you would have. It’s also a good time to determine if you have a family connection to addiction, as this can help you understand triggers and situations that might take you back to your old ways.

You’re also going to need to learn how to stay busy and away from the source of your addiction. You can’t just use or drink a little bit, so quitting altogether is the key here. Rehab or addiction treatment where you abstain from using or drinking is the most effective in this case.

No matter why some people wind up addicted, and others just don’t, the most important thing to understand is how you can develop a healthy, happy recovery journey that you really want to stick with.