What’s the Best Alcohol Detox Method for you? Options to Consider


moonshine dangersHave you been thinking about the best alcohol detox method for you? Are you considering kicking your habit, but aren’t sure how to go about the detox process? You’re not alone. It’s scary to detox from alcohol. You might have heard about all the potential side effects and dangers of choosing to detox on your own, and it’s possible that now you’re feeling a little worried about the process.

Some people go through it all by themselves. They are miserable and unhappy, but otherwise no worse for the wear. Others, though, aren’t so lucky. They don’t do as well when they go through detox from alcohol without help and wind up with serious medical complications. In fact, severe alcohol withdrawal can cause death, so knowing your options is essential.

While there aren’t a ton of alcohol detox methods to choose from, choosing the best alcohol detox option for you will make a tremendous difference in how the rest of the process goes.

  • Detox at home. This is pretty common. An alcoholic wants to start kicking his addiction, so he chooses to hang out at home and start living clean and sober. It’s not easy, but he thinks he has everything he needs. If you choose to do it this way, make sure you have someone that is willing to stay with you so that the risk of potentially dangerous things happening is minimized. If anything happens that looks bad, your friend or loved one can get you the medical attention you will need.
  • Detox in a facility. This might be a more expensive option, but it can help you tremendously. When you’re in a facility, you’re going to be constantly monitored, hydrated and there might even be medicine that you can receive if things get too tough. The staff at an alcohol detox facility knows what to expect and how to help you through the worst of your withdrawal symptoms.
  • Detox at home with medical supervision. This is similar to seeking the attention of a detox facility, but you’re at home, which makes things a little scary. In this case, you see your doctor before you start the process. He may prescribe medication to help ease the worst of your symptoms and expect you to make a visit at the halfway point of your treatment. You can still stay home, but you’re getting medical attention throughout the process.

When you’re looking for the best alcohol detox methods out there, it’s important to know what your options are, and how each one might benefit you. Thinking that you can go through this process without help is often foolish and shouldn’t be attempted, but detox from alcohol is essential if you want to live clean and sober. So stay committed to yourself and your healthy recovery, and you’ll likely find that you’re done with detox and feeling better in less time than you expected.