When it comes to drinking alcohol and/or doing drugs, an addiction can come at any time. There are also different types of classifications for those who drink as well. Two of the main things are substance abuse and substance dependence. There is a true difference between the two. There are also disorders that are called substance use disorders. The substance use disorders are diagnosed when there is one or more than one harmful substance that is causing an impairment in one’s life. This impairment could be to their job, their home life, their personal life, their mental health, their relationships or really anything else as well. The majority of the time when someone has a diagnosis of a substance use disorder they have an addiction and there are many people who can help someone to overcome an addiction. A substance use disorder is not just for alcohol either, there are many other things that would be classified under this type of disorder.

What are the substances that are classified under substance use disorders?

substance use disorders

There are many substances in substance use disorders. https://goo.gl/1zFbr1

When dealing with substance use disorders, there is a lot to learn. The first thing to learn is that anyone can be diagnosed with this type of disorder whether they are a teenager, a senior citizen, or anyone in between those ages as well. There are not guidelines as to how long the addiction or the disorder has to last specifically. However, it should also be known, as mentioned above, that alcohol is not the only substance that is classified under these disorders. The substances that are classified under substance use disorders include the following:

  • Alcohol 
  • Amphetamines and Marijuana
  • Cocaine and Hallucinogens
  • Inhalants and Opioids
  • PCP and Other Such Substances
  • Hypnotics, Sedatives and Anxiolytics

These are the substances that are classified under the substance use disorders. When someone is consuming alcohol and/or drugs, there is damage being done to the body and the mind as well. However, it is not just that. Not only, is there damage being done to their body and mind but there is damage being done to their life as well. They may find themselves in legal trouble. They may find themselves out of a job or getting a divorce due to their use of harmful substances. All of these things and more can occur because of substance use disorders. They are not anything to just leave be. There is help out there for everyone.