What Are The Most Addictive Drugs?

heroin and opioid addictionWhile there are varying answers to the question, “What are the most addictive drugs?” many people will tell you that there are a handful of drugs that rank up there as drugs to never, ever try. Why? Because they are so addictive and quite deadly, to say the least. They’ve destroyed many individual lives and families.

You certainly take your chances of making it out alive with the following drugs, so for your own safety, refrain from using these, or any drugs for that matter. While you may think drugs offer some sort of pleasure or numb your pain, the reality is that they are toxic and harmful. They do not bring any value to your life.

If you are struggling with addiction, consider attending a drug rehab, where you will be able to get free from addiction and live the kind of life you desire.

There are drug rehabs for the most addictive drugs, ready to help you if you are struggling with:

Crystal Meth addiction

This illegal drug will destroy your body in a short amount of time.  It’s a poison and can cause great damage to the physical and mental body. It can cause:

  • Psychotic behavior
  • Brain damage
  • Heart problems
  • Serious side effects that last for days, like stomachaches, confusion, sweating, no appetite, and fatigue.
  • Death

Heroin addiction

Heroin is among the most addictive drugs and can be a deadly illegal drug. It’s quite addictive.  In fact, you can become highly addicted to heroin even after using it just one time. The high may be high, but the crashing afterward is brutal. You’ll experience a terrible craving for more, diarrhea, shaking, restlessness, and irritability.  It’s also very difficult to stop using, as the withdrawals can be quite daunting.

Crack Cocaine addiction

Crack is a form of cocaine that people smoke and is considered the most addictive form of cocaine.  You might hear it called rock, iron, or base. Crack is surely one of the most addictive drugs and cheaper than cocaine, which is why many addicts use crack as their drug of choice. The high lasts for about 5 minutes, but then the user crashes into a depression state, where energy is low and intense cravings for more plagues them.  Crack can cause plenty of health issues and it is possible to overdose on the drug.

Krokodil addiction

Krokodil is a drug that is known for its use in Russia but has crossed the seas to America for sure. This is one of the addictive drugs that brings death to many users. Why? Because those that use Krokodil usually only live a year or two when using the drug regularly. The drug is made from codeine and poisonous ingredients like hydrochloric acid and paint thinner, which has a terrible effect on the body. In fact, wherever the drug is injected, parts of the skin around that area fall off. Yes, its nickname the “zombie drug” fits, as it is a flesh-eating drug.

Alcohol addiction

Many people would shrug off alcohol as one of the most addictive drugs, but alcohol is a drug that is heavily used and abused throughout the world. It’s estimated that 87% of Americans drink alcohol and it’s naïve to think that the majority of these do so just because they desire to. Many substance abuse professionals assert that many are indeed addicted to alcohol, yet a majority may still be able to function in society quite well. You may call them functioning alcoholics, but the addiction is there.

Alcohol causes a lot of harm to individuals, families, and societies each year, so if we use the total amount of harm as a measuring stick, then alcohol may be one of the most addictive drugs out there. It’s tough to stop using any drug, including alcohol, which makes it a top contender for one of the worst drugs to be addicted to- not to mention it is legal, widely accepted, and easy to acquire.

Any drug addiction can be harmful. In fact, addiction is tough and wreaks havoc on many people. If you or someone you love is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction, reach out for help. There are plenty of excellent addiction treatment facilities ready and willing to assist you.

Drug Rehab Costs Will My Insurance Help?

Whether you’re hooked on one of the most addictive drugs, or other drugs, reaching out for help may be necessary. Many suffering addicts are reluctant to attend a drug rehab because they do not think they can afford the services. In fact, millions of active addicts refuse treatment due to such. What they may not understand is that their health insurance may cover a chunk or the entire drug rehab costs, so it’s worth looking into.

The cost of drug rehab

As with any state, the cost of a drug treatment in a rehab will vary and will depend on various factors, like location, type of treatment, and length of stay. Some lower cost drug rehabs may cost as little as $7,500 per month and on the other end of the spectrum, luxury drug rehabs can run you over $100,000 per month. On average, a good quality treatment center cost between $18,000 and $35,000 per month.

More specifically:

  • On the low-cost end, inpatient services vary from a couple thousand to around $25,000 for one month.
  • Outpatient services vary from free to around $10,000 per month.
  • On the medium-cost end, inpatient services vary from around $10,000 to $20,000 per month.

Coverage can vary

With the Affordable Care Act coming into effect in 2008, many insurance companies have been prompted to offer healthcare services for drug treatment- a service that many opted out of for many years. This is great news for those struggling with the most addictive drugs and the drug rehabs, as the more addicts that enter rehab, the fewer addicts out on the streets.

The actual coverage will depend on your policy, so it is a good idea to call a representative and ask them what services are covered. Most insurance cards have phone numbers on the back of them that you can call with questions and concerns. They may only cover outpatient services or they may cover the entire inpatient treatment. Depending on the coverage, you can make a decision about which type of drug rehab to enter.

Generally, many insurance policies will pay:

  • All of the assessment costs
  • Most of the detoxification process, unless it’s rapid detox.
  • Most of the outpatient treatment is covered
  • Part of inpatient treatment- each policy may differ in the amount.

Look at drug treatment options

If your insurance only covers part or does not cover anything, there are other financing options available.  You may call around to different drug rehabs and discuss your situation with the staff and perhaps they will offer suggestions on other payment arrangements. Some drug rehabs have some governmental funding available to assist those who need help with payment.  It may take some research and time invested, but it will be well worth it when you get yourself to drug treatment and begin your new life of recovery.

The importance of drug rehab

For those who struggle with drug addiction, life can be tough.  No one wants to be dependent upon a substance to get by or cope with life.  The disease of addiction is cunning and powerful and can really turn a life upside down.  If you’ve been fighting addiction for some time now and have tried to stop using drugs on your own, it is time to seriously consider attending a drug rehab.  There you will be surrounded by substance abuse professionals who can help you detox from the drugs and start on your path to recovery.

While many people suffer in silence struggling with an addiction to the most addictive drugs, there are some who reach the end of their rope and succumb to reaching out for help. Many will tell you they didn’t want to, but they also didn’t want to keep living a chaotic life either. They didn’t want to keep getting up in the morning and looking in the mirror and seeing a drug addict.

Somehow, they knew underneath that addiction, they were a good person who had great hopes for a good life. They were tired of letting themselves and others down. Reaching out for help was not easy for them and many of them were fearful or worried about the outcome or worried that they might fail, but they dug deep and found some courage to do it anyway. You can feel the fear and do it anyway, even if you have to reach out for help multiple times, in which case you may, do it anyway, believing that you can indeed recover from drug addiction.

The journey isn’t always easy, but the end result will be you clean, free, and experience more joy than you thought you could.  You’ll be more in control of your life, and that will just feel great! Just talk to those who have been clean for years and they will assure you that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

If you’re ready to attend a drug rehab today, make a phone call to your insurance company and/or a drug rehab to get the process started.  You can even call us here at Elite Rehab Placement, and we’ll help you navigate your path to recovery. The first step might be the most difficult, but it is also the most important.