When you are in recovery from your addiction and you are experiencing large bouts of anger, something needs to change. All of that anger is going to affect you in so many negative ways. It can affect the health of your relationships, it can affect your physical health, it can affect your mental health and your emotional health and much more. However, before you can really overcome any anger that you are having during your recovery you will need to learn more about where anger comes from and more about the anger itself. One of the things that you should learn more about are the ingredients of anger. This may seem a bit odd and it may sound more like a recipe but it is helpful to think of anger in this manner.

What are the main ingredients of anger?

ingredients of anger

There are many ingredients of anger. https://goo.gl/QBSKdm

When you are living a recovering lifestyle and you are having a lot of anger, you will need to make changes. However, before you make any of these changes you will need to know more about the anger and what it is all about. The first thing that you should learn more about are the main ingredients of anger. So what are they? The main ingredients of anger include the following:

  • Unfairness is the first ingredient of anger (the more that someone tells themselves that they deserve more, the more they think others are wronging them).
  • Feeling lost is the second ingredient of anger (when someone feels that they have lost something, they begin to resent life and things that have happened).
  • When people begin to blame others this is the third ingredient of anger (blaming others is one of the main reasons that people have a lot of anger in their recovery).
  • Pain is the fourth ingredient of anger (when someone is having pain they often experience a lot of anger in regards to feeling that way).
  • When focusing on something that isn’t really wanted or needed that is another ingredient of anger (this focus is causing distraction from the more important things in life).

These are the main ingredients of anger and they can really cause a recovering addict to experience anger on a more consistent basis. If you have been having this much anger, now that you know more about anger, you can start to work on overcoming the anger that you are experiencing. You deserve to have a better recovery and to live happier too.