Ways to Help Finance Your Rehab Stay

Struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol can cause a lot of misery for the addict and the family.  Too many families are on an emotional roller coaster ride due to someone’s inability to stay clean or sober. Maybe the person struggling with addiction doesn’t want to get clean, or maybe he/she does, but either way, effective treatment isn’t always sought.

Various forms of addiction treatment

In today’s world, there are various avenues for addiction treatment. It’s not that one is better than another, but some have been proven to offer a better success rate than others.  If you’re struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs like heroin, cocaine, prescription pills, etc., get to know the facts about addiction treatment, so you can make an educated decision regarding your own path to recovery.

How much does addiction treatment cost?

If you’re seeking to get on the recovery path, and you’re interested in attending an alcohol or treatment center, learning the costs associated with such is a good way to get started.  Some people think that addiction treatment centers cost too much. They won’t even consider going because they think it will be out of their reach.

This isn’t necessarily true. There are affordable addiction treatment centers out there, though you have to do a bit of homework to see what ones you may like.  In addition, some addiction treatment centers have a reduced rate for those who are struggling with financial issues.

Regardless of the cost of an addiction treatment facility, there are some steps you can take to help fun your stay at one.  Sure, it’s an investment, but if the outcome is that you become sober or clean, and happier, isn’t that investment worth it?

Check with your insurance company

The first thing you want to do as you embark on your journey to attend an addiction treatment facility is to give your insurance company a call.  Ask them what (if any) they pay for a stay at an inpatient addiction treatment facility.  Many health insurance companies have made changes over the past few years that are in favor of those struggling with substance abuse issues. Your health insurance may foot the bill for the entire stay, but you won’t know unless you have a conversation with them. So, give them a call before making your decision about an addiction treatment center.

Have a 401K?

If you have a 401K, consider taking out some of it to help finance your stay at an addiction treatment center. You can check the fine print of your plan to see what the early withdrawal penalty fee will be. Usually, the amount is not as much as you may think, and it will be worth it because you’ll be doing something for yourself that will ultimately help you to actually enjoy your retirement. If you continue to stay stuck in addiction, you are likely to not get to enjoy your retirement years due to illness from abusing harmful substances, or perhaps die an early death.

Get rid of things you don’t need

You may cringe at the thought of having a yard sale, but you’d be surprised at how much money you can make getting rid of things that you no longer need. Those closets, garage, and attic are probably full of valuable things that you can sell to others.  If a yard sale isn’t your cup of tea, consider selling the items online at sites like eBay or Amazon. If you’ve got large items, like a motorcycle, golf clubs, jet ski, etc., consider listing them on sites like Craigslist or Facebook.  The point is that you can probably liquidate some items you no longer need in order to help finance your stay at an addiction treatment center.

Borrow from family member or friend

Though borrowing money from a loved one may not sound like the easiest thing to do, you’d be surprised at how receptive loved ones might be. If they know that you’re serious about getting free from addiction, they may be more than willing to lend you some money toward treatment.  This can be a tricky situation though because if you don’t pay them back, it can put a wedge in your relationship. Be sure to have a discussion about how you will pay them back, as well as a time frame. Then, follow through with that plan, because you want to be a person of integrity.

Search for state-funded addiction treatment centers

There are some state-funded treatment facilities that offer low cost or free treatment.  There may be a waiting list, and the quality of some may not be as good as the more expensive centers, but it’s worth checking into. You may find one in a different city and will have to travel to the facility. This can actually be a good thing, as some people state that they just do better at treatment when they leave their hometown.  There are oftentimes distractions, like family members, when you stay in a treatment center near your residence.

Spend time matching numbers

Be sure to spend time researching various treatment centers to see the varying costs. Make a list and keep track of addiction treatment facilities that you may be interested in.  You can even call us here at Elite Rehab Placement and we’ll assist you in finding the best treatment facility for you within your budget.  It will take time to narrow the search, but that time is an investment into your best life.

Can I afford a luxury treatment center?

You’ve probably seen commercials for luxury treatment centers and wonder if you could ever afford to get treatment there. The truth is that some luxury treatment centers are not as expensive as you may think. Plus, if your insurance pays for some or all of treatment, you’ll have no problem affording treatment.  This is why it is essential that you give your insurance company a call to see just what they will cover when it comes to substance abuse treatment.

What happens at an addiction treatment center?

There are some struggling addicts who don’t want to attend a treatment center because they’re not quite sure what happens there. They may be apprehensive because they’re not sure that they’ll feel comfortable or maybe they’ll fail from getting free from their drug of choice. Or perhaps they’ve heard stories from others about a bad experience and that alarms them.

To set your fears to rest, understand that addiction treatment centers have your best interest at heart. Sure, there may some out there who are understaffed or provide low-quality care, but the majority of them are adequately staffed with substance abuse professionals that can help you break free from your addiction.

Before you attend an addiction treatment center, you’ll most likely have a telephone conversation first. If the treatment center is out of town, an assessment will be done over the telephone. They’ll ask you a lot of questions about your substance abuse behavior, give you a good bit of information about the facility, and they’ll be able to answer questions that you may have.

It’s all right to feel a little anxiety. Know that you can go ahead and call them despite the anxiety. Sometimes in life you just have to feel the fear and do it anyway, especially if it’s in your best interest.

Treatment center rules

The treatment center staff will be able to tell you a little bit more about what you can expect at their treatment center. Oftentimes, there schedules and rules put in place to keep everyone on track. For example, you’ll have breakfast in the morning, then perhaps a group session, then lunch, then perhaps an individual counseling session, and so on. Some may offer 12 step support groups while you’re in treatment, and some offer extracurricular activities and events.

You’ll also be told what you are allowed to bring to the treatment center and what you’re not allowed to bring to the treatment center. It’s a good idea to ask any questions you have about what belongings you’d like to be able to bring with you. You can also ask them about their policy on cell phones and calling family members or family members calling you.

Once you get to the treatment center, you’ll be met with friendly staff who will get you familiarized with the facility. You’ll get to meet other people who are there for treatment too, and perhaps even make a new friend. If you’re prone to social anxiety, know that you will not be forced to hang out with others if you don’t want to. If you’re the quiet type and you simply like to stay to yourself, you’ll be able to enjoy some quiet time.

Investing time in an addiction treatment center is well worth it if you come home sober or clean. You’ll be able to look at life with a new perspective and have some new coping skills that do not include drinking or drugging.  Not everyone who attends a rehab will successfully stay clean, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t.  Be sure to follow up with a support system of some sort for your ongoing recovery, such as a counselor or 12 Step support group.  Having a solid support network will help you be able to defeat cravings and deal with life as it comes head-on, without resorting to drinking or drugging.

If you need some assistance in locating a treatment center for you, please give us a call today. We’d love to assist you.