Should You Try Rehab Even if You Think it Won’t Work?


cigna rehab coverageShould you try rehab even if you think it won’t work? People ask this question every day, but the answer isn’t always as clear as we would like. However, new research shows that if you’re certain that you’re ready to start living clean and sober, rehab might just be the very best option you have at helping you to enjoy a healthy, happy recovery journey.

But, if you’re not certain why or how rehab might work for you even when you’re not sure about the progress you’ll make, what would make you even want to try it? It’s a good question. After all, we now know that there really isn’t a solid cure for addiction. It’s more of a managing process, so what would make those who are unsure about trying rehab want to give it a go?

Take a Look at the Success Rates of Rehab

Addiction experts all agree that rehab is one of the best ways to start getting clean and sober. While many who are overcoming an addiction might say that rehab isn’t necessarily the best option you have for recovery, almost all of those who are living an addiction-free life long-term have actually started their journey in addiction rehab.

If you’re still not sold on the idea that you should try rehab, consider the success rates of many addiction treatment programs. It turns out that when a person becomes committed to the process and really wants to live free of their addiction, rehab can really offer them a significant boost in how successful they are.

Why? Part of it has to do with the aftercare program that many addiction treatment facilities have to offer, and part of it has to do with the techniques and tools that a person learns while they are in treatment. Not only that, but for many, being in a safe place where they can be who they are, explore their personalities, and actually figure out what’s beneath their addiction, proves to be extremely helpful in making the most of their recovery journey.

What Makes Rehab so Helpful?

Now, you might be wondering what really makes rehab so helpful to so many in their addiction recovery journey. It’s important to note that rehab is a multi-layered treatment process. You’re going through detox, which helps your body to cleanse itself of the toxins that get you high or drunk. You’re going through individual therapy, which is helping you to understand you and what started you wanting to get high or drunk in the first place. You’re also attending group therapy, which gives you a greater understanding of things in life that you cannot control. You’ll learn ways to relax, ways to cope when you can’t control situations, and also build a network that helps you to embrace a recovering lifestyle.

Often, we feel like we’re different when we can’t just go to a bar with our friends after work. We feel like we’re lame when we can’t use that wine glass or attend concerts, but the thing is that we’re actually living life on our terms. Sure, we might have to change some things, but what we gain is extremely powerful. However, making sure that others are doing the same things as we are is also helpful.

Not only do all these things make a difference, but we also get to remove ourselves from the things that make us want to use or drink. If you’re trying to do it on your own, but you’re still at home, it’s going to be really hard to ignore that phone call from a friend that you use or drink with. When you’re in rehab, you’re just not getting those calls, and that can go a long way toward helping you reach your sobriety goal.

Does Everyone in Recovery go to Rehab?

Does everyone in addiction recovery go to rehab? No, not everyone who is successfully overcoming an addiction does wind up attending rehab for many different reasons, but most of those who are enjoying a successful recovery journey are doing so because they started out in rehab. This means that you’re likely to find that while addiction treatment doesn’t sound like the most fun if you really want to overcome your addiction, it might be one of the best options that you have.

If you’re still not sold on the need to try rehab even if you aren’t sure it will work, consider that time spent in treatment can actually change your mind. If you check in with an open mind and just give the process some time and attention, you might become a believer in the benefits of attending this type of addiction treatment over time.

The Longer You Go Without, the More Likely You’ll Quit

Another thing to consider is that the longer you go without using or drinking, the better your chances of just quitting. The longer you avoid temptation and take each day as it comes, the more likely it is that you’ll enjoy a successful recovery journey. The more you go to therapy and learn about what’s driving your addiction, the more likely you will be to feel healthy, happy and connected to a new life.

If you’re in rehab and you feel like it’s not so bad, you are pretty likely to keep going. Even if you can’t definitively say that you’ll never go back to using or drinking, you’ll be able to gain a lot of knowledge and calm in the life you’re living right now. Plus, when you’re just doing what you do and not putting pressure on yourself to be successful at recovery, you can better embrace the new lifestyle that you’re being introduced to.

So, even if you aren’t sure about choosing to try rehab, you might just find that the longer you go without using or drinking, the more likely it is that you’re going to ultimately embrace a recovering lifestyle, all without putting unnecessary pressure on yourself to live an addiction-free lifestyle.

Is the Expense Worth it If You Aren’t Sure?

Even if you aren’t sure that you’re ready to commit to an addiction recovery journey, or that you should be choosing to attend rehab right now, you will probably find that living in rehab for a while can make a difference in the way you see yourself, your life and your addiction, and help you to start making a recovering lifestyle you can really feel proud of.

While many people are afraid of the financial commitment of rehab, you should know that there are some ways that you can make your out of pocket costs much lower than if you choose to pay cash, so in these cases, living clean and sober and getting the treatment you don’t know you need can be much more affordable for you.

You might just find that your insurance covers some of the cost of your addiction treatment program, and many will cover a good share of the cost of a stay in rehab as long as it’s in your network. You might also find that depending on what your deductible is, you have to pay almost nothing to go to treatment.

Or, you might find that the payment plans that the facilities you’re considering offer are affordable for you and make the idea of rehab sound better than they did before. You might also find that you qualify for grants and special financing for your rehab journey.

So, even if you aren’t completely sold that you should try rehab if you don’t think it will work, the many ways that it can be made affordable makes it feel like less of a risk to you and your financial situation and more of a benefit to your potential recovery.

Might as Well get Started, Right?

Okay, so if you’ve decided that you might as well check it out, good for you! Now, before you choose to go to just any rehab, it’s time to give us at Elite Rehab Placement a call. This is what we do! We help you figure out how much insurance coverage you have so you’ll know exactly what you need to pay. Then, we get to know you, your preferences, and the type of addiction rehab journey you would like to experience.

Once we have all this information, we get on the case and find you rehab matches that are in-network, covered by your insurance, and that meet your preferences as closely as possible. The result is a great addiction treatment experience that you have control over. It takes the frustration and guesswork out of finding a rehab and helps you to feel confident that you’re attending an addiction treatment program that will work well for you.

Should you try rehab even if you aren’t sure that it will work? Absolutely. If you’ve been thinking that it’s time to overcome your addiction, but aren’t sold on rehab, why not give it a try? Let us help you find a facility that makes you want to kick your addiction, so you can see the joy in recovery for a change.