Treatment for Demerol Addiction

Contending with intense pain can be tough, especially when that pain is a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. Think about those who have broken bones or have just gotten through an intense surgery. They certainly don’t want to feel that pain, so strong pain pills are prescribed to help relieve the pain.

There are many opiates or pain pills available for those who suffer from tremendous pain. One such opiate is the drug Demerol. Demerol is a pain medication that doctors prescribe for those who are struggling with moderate-to-severe pain. It’s quite similar to morphine and is a narcotic. It’s usually not used as a long-lasting prescription, book more for intense pain, such as if you’ve been involved in an accident.

Increasing tolerance

As with many painkillers, those that use them may have to increase usage in order to get the same effect. This is called tolerance, as the body will need more and more of the drug in order to feel the same pain relief. The problem with this increase in tolerance is that it can lead to Demerol addiction.

Opiate addiction

There is an opiate addiction epidemic going on in the United States currently. There are many doctors that are prescribing opiates, even Demerol, and patients are becoming addicted to them. It’s not that they want to become addicted. But the drugs are very powerful and the brain and body can become addicted to the substance.

Patients usually start off taking the drugs as prescribed, but when they aren’t getting the pain relief that they need, they might increase their dosage. They may begin taking them more frequently than prescribed. Then, when they try to come off the opiate, their body begins to go through withdrawal. This can cause a cycle of addiction that can be tough to break.

Signs of Demerol addiction

Whether you been on pain pills a short while or you’ve been on them for a long time, there is a risk that you can become addicted to them. Some people may not realize that they are indeed addicted to painkillers. They may not realize this until they try to come off of the pills or they all of a sudden notice that their prescription is gone, but they can’t get a refill for another two weeks.

There are various signs that you may be addicted to Demerol or another pain killer:

  • Not able to stop taking the pain medication
  • Not taking the prescription as prescribed by the doctor.
  • Purchasing Demerol or other painkillers from drug dealers
  • Stealing painkillers from friends or family members
  • Lying about how much you’re using
  • Going doctor shopping, trying to get refills before your refill date
  • Isolating yourself from others
  • Becoming depressed, having a good idea that you are addicted to pain pills
  • Spending quite a bit of money on Demerol or pain pills
  • Missing more days at work or school

Demerol addiction and withdrawal detox

If you struggle with Demerol addiction or an addiction to any other pain pills, doctors recommend that you do not stop taking the pills abruptly. They suggest you begin weaning yourself off of the pills with the help of a medical provider. This means that you should go to your doctor or a substance abuse professional and work with him or her and coming off of the pills gradually.

Going through detox from pain pills can be challenging, so having substance abuse professionals around you will be of great assistance. If you can get to a drug detox or rehab, that will suit you well, as you’ll be able to have 24/7 medical monitoring and professionals able to assist you and getting free from Demerol addiction. If you’ve tried to stop taking pain pills on your own and haven’t been successful, attending an inpatient or outpatient drug treatment center will serve you well.

Inpatient drug treatment

If you’re able to leave your home for about a month, consider attending an inpatient drug treatment center. There you’ll be able to meet with professionals who can help you wean off the pain pills and get the treatment you need in order to be free from Demerol addiction or any other addiction you have going on. There are high-quality inpatient treatment centers all around the country, and they’ve helped many thousands of people get free.

Outpatient drug treatment

If you’re unable to leave your home, consider attending an outpatient drug treatment program in your community. You will still get professional treatment from substance abuse professionals, but you’ll be living at home and attending the treatment center a certain number of sessions per week. Many people opt to go 3 or 4 times a week to the facility for counseling and classes on addiction. You’ll be able to learn about the disease of addiction, and have ample support in helping you get free from opiate addiction. You may also be introduced to 12-step groups which can be helpful for long-term recovery.

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous is a 12-step group that helps people get free from drug addiction.  There are many meetings offered in many cities throughout the country. There you will meet other recovering addicts who can help give the support that you need in order to get and stay free from Demerol addiction. You’ll be able to get a sponsor and begin working the 12 steps, which can help you learn about the disease of addiction, as well as how you can cope with cravings and triggers.

In early recovery, it is suggested that you attend 90 meetings in 90 days. If you cannot frequent the meetings every day, go to as many as you can throughout the week, as the added support can be quite beneficial. Also, keep in mind that there are online NA meetings, and online NA chat rooms where you can receive some support.

Coming to terms with Demerol addiction

Are you struggling with Demerol addiction? Or perhaps another pain pill addiction? If so, it’s time to admit it and reach out for the help that you need. There’s no shame in saying that you have become addicted to a pain pill. It’s a physiological reaction to a drug. You didn’t mean to become addicted and you shouldn’t feel ashamed about it. There are those that are afraid to tell their loved ones that they’ve become addicted, so they struggle month after month or year after year, and that’s not necessary.

Think about if you had a family member or friend who was struggling with an addiction, and they were afraid to tell you for fear of rejection or embarrassment. Wouldn’t you want your loved one to come to you and let you know about his or her addiction? Wouldn’t you want to be supportive? In the same way, your loved ones want to be supportive to you. They’ll understand that you did not mean to become addicted to pain pills. And if they don’t understand, don’t let that keep you from getting the help that you need to get free from Demerol addiction.

Help for overcoming Demerol addiction

Rest assured that there is hope and overcoming this addiction. If you’ve tried to quit on your own before and haven’t been successful, now is the time to reach out for help. You do not want to go on living this way, as this addiction cycle can go on for years and years if you don’t do anything different.

If you’re not quite sure what to do next, give us a call and let us help you in determining the best treatment regimen for you. There are treatment centers near and far that are accepting new patients, and are effective when it comes to helping people get free from addiction. When you attend a drug treatment facility, you’ll meet with substance abuse professionals who can assess your addiction, as well as other issues that you may be contending with, like anxiety or depression. There you will be able to speak with a counselor one-on-one and share whatever it is that you want to share without fear of being judged. You’ll also meet some peers who are trying to get clean themselves. You may even make a new friend or two.

Demerol addiction happens, and if it’s happened to you, know that you are not alone and don’t have to struggle with this alone. There are professionals that can help you get free. It may feel overwhelming right now, but rest assured that in time, you can get back to your life free from addiction.

There is a beautiful life on the other side of addiction and you can get there. There are professionals ready and willing to assist you and getting free. Make a phone call today and let us assist you on your path to recovery.