Top-Notch Arizona Rehab Centers Offer Help

There are many people who live in Arizona who may not realize that the state ranks second in the United States for drug overdose deaths. This is disheartening, and the continual increase in alcoholism and drug abuse is causing the substance abuse professionals to step it up in terms of offering top-notch Arizona rehab centers.

With the rate of addiction study increasing, there is a pressing need for high-quality inpatient and outpatient Arizona rehabs. Are some people able to stop abusing substances on their own? Yes, but oftentimes they struggle with relapse after relapse, with some giving up and just giving in to the addiction.

Millions are addicted

It’s tough to hide the fact these days that there are millions of individuals suffering from an addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, and/or illegal drugs. Though efforts are being made to cut back on a number of prescription drugs prescribed by doctors, it seems as if little progress is being made.

It’s disheartening for the addict and it’s disheartening for their families, who are often left facing the dire consequences of the addict’s behavior. The consumption of alcohol in America is promoted heavily by the media, and this doesn’t help when it comes to alcoholism. Kids grow up thinking it’s alright to drink, but what they don’t see is that there’s a large segment of the population who cannot simply be social drinkers. The thought of them having one or two drinks doesn’t sound good at all. Once their brain gets a hit of that alcohol, it craves it more and more until there very inebriated. The cycle is repeated.

So many are unaware

There are also many people who do not understand that they can overdose and die by simply taking prescription medication. Those who are addicted to pain pills, sleeping medications, and anti-anxiety pills do not understand the significance of the dangers of not taking them as prescribed. This is one reason for so many overdose deaths and every country in America.

How an Arizona rehab can help

There are hundreds of high-quality Arizona rehab centers ready to assist the struggling, but what does it take to make one successful?  What kinds of facilities are considered better than others?  When looking into a rehab, it is essential that you seek ones that are known for a high success rate and have been favored by former patients. After all, you don’t want to waste time or money in a facility that has poor feedback and low success rates.

So, what does make an Arizona rehab center successful? Experts state that there are common characteristics among centers that tend to have higher success rates.  Here are some of the most common:

·        One-on-one Treatment

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIH), it is essential that each patient in an alcohol or drug rehabilitation center receive one-on-one counseling. It is safe to say that all addicts entering treatment need individualized therapy to address emotional and psychological issues that they are struggling with. After all, most people who start drinking or drugging problematically do so because of some sort of underlying issue that is not being resolved.  Top-notch Arizona rehab centers will certainly offer individualized counseling.

·        Treatment for Dual Diagnosis

For those who have co-occurring issues like substance abuse and a mental health disorder, it is important to have effective therapy for such.  By dual diagnosis, we mean someone who has a substance abuse addiction as well as a mental health disorder. This could be an alcoholic who also has bipolar disorder. Or it could be a drug addict who suffers from clinical depression. Dual diagnosis is actually very common. Unfortunately, there are some rehabilitation centers that are still not adequately equipped to handle dual diagnosis patients, so be sure to do your research before committing to one.

·        Allowing the Support of Family

Oftentimes addiction affects a whole family and not just the addict.  Spouses, children, and parents can all be affected by the life of an alcoholic or addict, so choosing a rehab that allows the support of the family is important and increases the success rate for the alcoholic.  Many rehabs will offer family sessions so that family dynamic problems can be addressed.  It is important for any family members that have been enabling the addict to stop the enabling, so education concerning the matter is quite beneficial to the whole family. Creating a stable and supportive home atmosphere can also be addressed in the group sessions, which will foster a positive recovery experience for the addict.

·        Aftercare Services Offered

Once someone leaves an Arizona rehab center, it is important that they engage in positive aftercare to stay sober and continue to grow.  A high-quality Arizona rehab will help coordinate with the patient an aftercare plan that is individualized for him or her.  Follow-up services can include a certain number of counseling sessions, a 12 Step Support Groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, group sessions, family sessions, classes, help finding transitional housing, and more.  Be sure that the rehab you’re looking into offers exceptional aftercare planning.

Outpatient Arizona Rehabs

The reality is that there are too many people struggling with addiction in Arizona and around the nation.  Whether it is alcohol, prescription drugs, or illegal drugs, too many people are coping with life in a self-imposed prison of darkness. They might act like they are happy on the outside, but bet and believe they are miserable on the inside.

Are you struggling?

Almost everywhere you go you see people drinking. Alcohol is a very popular drink and many rely on it day after day.  You might not see drugs out in the open, but many people are carrying prescription pill bottles in their purses and vehicles popping pills in order to feel good. We live in a culture that wants to feel good and run from pain, but the problem with this is that addiction will always catch up to you.  You’re not really feeling good in a healthy way. You might not feel like you’re being affected right now, but addiction is a progressive disease and its negative effects creep up on you each week.

Are you relying on alcohol or drugs to kill your pain, relieve your boredom, make you more outgoing, or alter your reality? If so, you’re struggling with addiction and over time that addiction will catch up to you emotionally, physically, mentally, and a host of other ways.  You may have already lost friends, family members, relationships, jobs, etc. due to your drug or alcohol usage.

Outpatient Drug Rehabs

Outpatient Arizona drug rehabs are quite valuable when it comes to getting off of drugs and learning how to live life without relying on chemicals.  In fact, many alcoholics and drug addicts attend an outpatient rehab because they have tried to quit using the chemicals many times on their own.

An outpatient drug rehab is a rehab in which you do not have to actually stay at the facility.  You initially go to a meeting in order to discuss your particular issue and then come up with a treatment schedule. Many addicts will attend an outpatient Arizona drug rehab just about every day when they are first getting off of substances because the cravings are so strong.  Over time, though, you can decrease the frequency of meetings as you become more secure in your sobriety.

Learning and preparing for life

When entering an outpatient drug rehab, you will attend counseling sessions in order to address the underlying areas of addiction. Most addicts are struggling with emotions such as anger, depression, etc. and therapy is a great way to work through such emotions.  Many outpatient Arizona drug rehabs also offer group counseling and introduce you to 12 Step meetings so you can continue getting support once you stop attending the outpatient facility.

You may feel like there’s no hope for you since you’ve tried to quit drinking or drug in many times on your own. Or perhaps you’re just afraid to step into a territory that you’re not familiar with. Meeting with substance abuse professionals can provoke anxiety and many people. Rest assured however that professionals are very welcoming and accepting. They want the best for you and have been trained professionally in order to help you overcome your addiction and create a life where you can experience peace and joy. You certainly deserve a life characterized by such.

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Go ahead and take the first step toward your recovery.  It’s time to put the alcohol or drugs down and change your life around.  There is an abundant life available for you on the other side of addiction. Give us a call today.