Top 5 Ways To Convince a Drug Addict To Go To Rehab

Many alcoholics and drug addicts tried quitting. They may have tried to quit by themselves or gone into a rehab program like the ones at Elite Rehab Placement. Some addicts will try to quit many times and still relapse. They may have stayed clean and sober for a time, but then went back to addictive ways. Addicts do need to get help from rehab centers. How can they start seeing this is what is needed?

 It is a good assumption that many alcoholics and addicts have become cynical about rehab. It is also very common for an addict to completely deny they have an addiction. They may binge drink, blackout, take a lot of pills, inject or even snort drugs and still say they can quit if they wanted to. They really don’t want to see they have an addiction and need to get help.

 If you want to convince the addict in your life they need to go to rehab, it is a tricky process. Most of the time, you can’t expect to go to the addict in your life and have them just say yes, they need to get help. If it were that easy, more addicts would be getting the help they need. Remember, just like the rehab process, talking to your loved one about their addiction should be a process. You can have the conversation over the course of days, weeks or even months. Sometimes it takes years to convince a drug addict to get help. Hopefully, with the tips here today, you can have better chances of getting them to enter into a rehab center program.

How Do Alcohol and Drug Addictions Destroy People’s Lives?

Many studies show that deaths related to drug use are more than the deaths related to traffic accidents. This is mainly because of the increase in abuse of prescription drugs around the country. Having an addiction isn’t something that should be wished upon anyone. If you have a family member or friend with an addiction, the pain you feel for them can be terrible. You really want them to get into a luxury rehab. Convincing them they need to go is what seems to be the problem. However, there are ways you can help the addict in your life.

1)Make them decide. If you want someone to do something, make them think they decided to do it. It will affect them more and stick more if they think they decided to go to rehab. There isn’t just one way you can get them to make the decision. Consider this. In your life, have you had a conversation with someone and later decided you would take action on something, you had talked to about with that person? Words have weight on people. You made your decision, but maybe you didn’t think about it on your own. If you know someone who is great at making others think something is their decision call them. An intervention specialist may be what you need. The way to do this is mostly by asking open-ended questions. “How do you feel life would be if you didn’t have an addiction?” “What do you think you could have in your life, if you didn’t have alcohol or drugs?” “What goals would you like to achieve in your life?” “How could you better accomplish those goals if you weren’t using drugs or alcohol?” Questions like this get them thinking. The more the addict thinks about what life could be like without alcohol and drugs, the more they may be willing to see that being clean and sober would be better for them.

2)Have the talk before rock bottom hits. Many people want to know if they should wait to talk with an addict until rock bottom hits. You shouldn’t wait for things to get that bad. While a lot of addicts do hit rock bottom before they start getting clean, this doesn’t have to happen. Rock bottom for some addicts isn’t until they die, so don’t sit around and wait. Start talking to them now and be truthful. The longer you wait, the more terrible things that could happen. While none of their addiction is your fault and never will be, that doesn’t mean you should just wait until things go terribly wrong, before you speak to them about their addiction.

3)Learn and talk about detox options. Anyone who has become addicted to benzodiazepines, pain medications, heroin, alcohol, meth or other drugs knows how dependent someone can get on the drugs. Even thinking about quitting may make them think about the terrible withdrawals which may occur or have occurred for them in the past. There are options for detoxing and those options often affect whether you can convince someone to go to rehab. It isn’t common for someone to go cold turkey, as that can be very dangerous. Methadone clinics are replacing one drug for a different one. A great option is a medical detox program. This allows the user to wean-off the drugs safely. In addition to the detoxing, holistic techniques will be used to help make the withdrawals bearable. If you know more about detoxing and can relay that information to the addict, that will increase your chances of convincing them to get into a rehab program.

4)Finding the best programs. There are many addicts who have gone through 12 step programs over and over. While these programs do work for some, others don’t take to them. If someone has gone to rehab many times and still continues to go back to drugs, they may not have faith in the process anymore. Due to this reason, some people are more difficult to convince in getting help from rehabs than others. Faith-based rehabs are best for some and owning up to one’s actions is best for others. If you think a certain rehab program will work for your loved one or friend, talk to them about it. Holistic programs may include counseling and education, in addition to recovery steps someone can take. When recovering from an addiction, the addict should have the option to take a path that feels right for them. Once a program starts working, you may finally start seeing positive changes in that person.

5) Changing one’s environment. If someone was raised by addicts and drugs addicts and still hung out with addicts, do you think they would get far from that lifestyle? On the other hand, if someone grew up around those who made responsible and healthy choices, don’t you think that would cause them to develop at least some of those same habits and choices? The environment someone is in does make a difference in their life choices and the habits they develop. When you begin talking to the addict in your life, try getting them out of their normal environment if you can. Drive someone else to talk about them getting treatment. This could turn around their perspective.

It is important to know as much about addiction and the rehab options as you can. It might even help for you and other family members to familiarize yourself with detoxing, withdrawals and the steps for the rehab process. The more you know about addictions and recovery, the more you can understand what your loved one is going through. After you understand more, you can have better chances of convincing them they need help. Remember, it should never be a forceful conversation. If you set up a defensive or offensive environment, the addict may completely shut down and not give you another chance to talk. Speak your mind and tell them the truth, but try not to let your emotions get in the way. If you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, tell them you need a break or you will talk another time. You need to take care of yourself as well.

Why Do Addicts Mostly Need Inpatient Rehab Help?

The main reason addicts need inpatient rehab help is because they are put into a safe environment with proper supervision. Outpatient treatment centers can’t provide this. Another reason is because it gets them out of the addictive environment, which is needed to overcome an addiction. When they are in an environment where everyone wants them to heal and overcome the addiction, they are more encouraged to grow and work through the recovery process. In addition, the inpatient rehab programs often include aftercare planning. This gives the preparation and a plan for what to do post-rehab. This might even include them moving to another area, building a support team, going to meetings and more. An aftercare plan is different for every recovering addict, but it is needed to keep the relapse rate lower.

How Can You Close the Gap Between You and the Addict?

You may be scared or even not want to talk to the Drug Addiction Treatmentaddict, but it needs to happen. If you follow the information above, you can start closing the gap between you and the addict. Many addicts don’t want to see that their life needs to change. However, when the people in their life step up and start telling them the truth about what needs to happen, that can often convince them to get into a rehab center detox program. After that, they may go to rehab and work their aftercare plan. If you want to have a better relationship with your addicted loved one, it starts with talking to them about their addiction and trying to get them to see they need help.

 Start talking to your loved one about their addiction today!