The Top 10 Rehab Myths You Need to Know


If you’re like many, you have probably heard a lot of rehab myths that turned you off to the idea of seeking solid addiction treatment. You probably believe that rehab isn’t a necessity, and you might even think that you don’t need it because that’s what you’ve been told. While this is fine, it’s time to consider a fact – if you’re even wondering about rehab, you’re probably still struggling with your addiction.

Seriously, if you’re not doing a very good job getting clean on your own, it’s time to look at something different, but in order to have an open mind, you need to know the top 10 rehab myths out there and what the truth is.

  1. You’ll be brainwashed in rehab. This isn’t as common as some others, but it’s a fairly common one. There are those out there that will try to tell you that rehab only serves to brainwash you. Even though they never come right out and tell you the purpose of the brainwashing and exactly who in the rehab is doing it, you might still hear this from people. Put this thinking aside, and get it out of your head. If there’s any brainwashing going on, it’s only to help you to have an easier time with your cravings and urges.
  2. They are mean to you in rehab. This one is funny because you’re at treatment voluntarily. This means that if you see or experience something you don’t like, you have the freedom to leave. As to the idea that people are mean to you in rehab, this likely comes from the news pieces about people thinking that they’re going to rehab and finding themselves at work camps. It does happen once in a very great while, but it’s not really all that common. People aren’t mean to you in rehab, but they are firm, and sometimes that can be misunderstood.
  3. They tell you what to do in rehab. This is one of those rehab myths that is solidly based in truth because honestly, it does feel like you’re being told what to do when you’re in treatment for any amount of time. This, however, isn’t because the staff likes to boss you around. It’s more because many in recovery from addictions need guidance in their lives. When one of your counselors or therapists tells you that you need to begin to change your thinking in order to overcome your addiction, it’s not telling you what to do, it’s helping you to see what will help you kick your habit.
  4. You have no contact with the rest of the world forever. Yes, your calls might be limited for a while. No, you might not have internet access for a time. So, goodbye Facebook. Unfortunately, this is a necessary evil, because many counselors and therapists know very well that users and dealers often communicate via social media. If you’re able to be scanning your profile all the time, and your dealer sends you a message asking if you want something, and you’re already having a craving, it can be a recipe for a disaster. Not to mention how social media affects our overall sense of well-being. You can communicate with your loved ones, and in some rehabs, you’ll even have the chance to work for a while each day.
  5. You get fat in rehab. This is becoming a more common rehab myth, and it is based on some truth. Did you know that lots of people don’t want to kick their addiction because they just aren’t ready to gain weight? Women who have struggled with weight issues in the past especially find that a stay in rehab gets them healthy again and that health means some extra weight. Staying active, and making sure to choose healthy food options can go a long way in determining what kind of weight you gain, and mentioning your feelings while in treatment can help you to come to terms with the new, healthy you.
  6. To really overcome your addiction, you have to stay in rehab forever. This simply isn’t true, but it is important to know that for many, rehab becomes a way of life. This is a comfort zone, and transitioning can be really tough. However, the greatest success rates happen for those who choose to stay strong in their aftercare program and add additional activities to their recovery routine. For some, finding work in their rehab can also be helpful in their recovery journey.
  7. You can go to rehab “for free.” This is a misleading myth because when you hear that you simply cannot go to rehab for free, it can make you want to turn around and give up. That doesn’t mean that rehab will ultimately cost you a fortune, and it doesn’t mean that you can’t go to rehab if you don’t have a ton of money. With some digging and creative thinking, you may just find that there are ways that rehab doesn’t cost you anything or not much at all.
  8. Rehab is a scam. We all know them – the rehab haters. The ones who are angry because rehab didn’t work for them and they got in trouble, or even kicked out, while they tried rehab. So, what do they tell you? Rehab is a scam. Here’s the thing – a good rehab is not anything near a scam. It’s a place where you’re given the tools and the skills to make sure that you’re able to be successful at overcoming your addiction if you choose to. Yes, there are some rehab scams out there, but, chances are, you won’t find it.
  9. Rehab doesn’t work. There is a saying in many rehabs. It goes, “It works if you work it.” In short, if you’re not committed to kicking your habit and living a clean and sober life, you’re simply not going to. But, when you’re ready and you choose to live clean and sober, the system at your addiction treatment facility can be highly effective. Those who say that rehab doesn’t work simply didn’t apply it correctly.
  10. You’re magically cured when you go to rehab. For some reason, even after all the publicity and information that has gone out about addiction treatment, and rehabs lately, people are still confused about the fact that you’re not going to be magically cured of your addiction when you go to rehab. It’s a disease, and it’s more like going into remission than being cured. However, when you keep up with your recovery and make sure to stay connected with your healthy, addiction-free life, you can learn to be happy without using or drinking.

Now that you know our top 10 rehab myths, it’s time to decide if you’re ready to take the challenge and find what’s going to work for you. If you’re still worried that you’ll fall into the trap of a no-good scam of a rehab, consider giving us a call.

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When you’re struggling with an addiction, it’s easy to listen to the rehab myths and think that you don’t need to go to treatment, but deep down, you probably know this isn’t true. Why not just give us a call today and see if and how we can help you? You might just be surprised to find that a healthy, addiction-free life can be just a phone call away.