What Are the Top 10 Illegal Drugs Abused?

Unfortunately, all around the country, drugs are being abused and it is a huge problem. There are certain drugs which are abused much more than other types. However, even the drugs which are being abused less are still a problem. There are even legal substances which are being abused. Every single day, there are millions of people abusing illegal and legal drugs.


What Should Be Known About Drug Abuse?

While there are hundreds of different substances out there which can be abused, it is important you know about the top 10 illegal drugs being abused. Yes, some of the substances are legal, but since they are used in illegal ways, they will be included in this list.

1)Opiate Drug Abuse– Unfortunately, opiates are one of the most widely abused substances in this country. The opiate category includes a wide range of substances including Oxycodone, Vicodin, Hydrocodone and other substances. This type of drug is often prescribed for chronic pain or after a surgery. However, some people get the drug illegally. Heroin is another drug in the opiate category and that is illegal. These drugs are used by all races, ages and demographics.

2)Marijuana Abuse – Millions of people are abusing marijuana as well. There are many names for this drug and it can come in many forms as well. Yes, this drug has become legal in many areas, but recreational use is not yet legal in many of the states. While this drug doesn’t have as many harmful effects as others, it still impacts the brain in negative ways. This drug is considered to be the most common illicit drug abused.

3)Cocaine Abuse – In many areas, cocaine abuse has been reduced, however it is still one of the illicit substances ranking amongst the top 10 abused. Many abuse this drug because of the quick and strong high they get, even though it won’t last long. Since the high is generally short, the user may want to use over and over to prevent withdrawals or the crash that comes after the high.

4)Methamphetamine Abuse – There are many states which are having a huge epidemic of methamphetamine manufacturing and abuse. While there are some newer laws on the sale of a methamphetamine core ingredient, people are still getting the drug and abusing it. This drug is being smuggled across the Mexican border. Methamphetamine is known for the extreme release of dopamine to the user’s brain. This puts them in an alert and hyperactive state, which is just one reason it is so addictive.

Heroing Addiction Treatment5)Ecstasy Abuse – Ecstasy or MDMA (also known by many different street names) is abused often in the party scenes. It gives the user a euphoric sensations which causes them to feel relaxed, alert and happy. There are numerous side effects this drug can have on the user including nausea, chills and hallucinations.

6)Benzodiazepine Abuse – Using benzodiazepines or downers will cause the user to feel relaxed and calm. Some of the most commonly abused benzodiazepines including Xanax, Klonopin and Valium. There are many side effects that come from using these drugs as well. These effects might include vision issues, depression, seizures, impaired cognition and more. These drugs are very easy to overdose on and many people die each year because of that.

7)Methadone Abuse – This drug is considered to be a type of synthetic opioid. It is often prescribed for people who are dependent upon opioids and getting treatment for an addiction to that type of drug. It has a lower risk of causing an overdose, but it could still lead to dangerous effects if abused. Abusing this drug may cause nausea, issues breathing or even a fatal reaction.

8)Crack Cocaine Abuse – Crack is a type of cocaine that comes in rock form. It is generally smoked, instead of snorted. The effects are similar to normal cocaine. However, crack cocaine creates a stronger and quicker high, but a shorter high than the normal cocaine.

9)Bath Salt Abuse – This bath salts are synthetic. Abuse of this type of drug has increased in the recent years. The user will experience euphoria which could last hours. However, those who use the drug, usually keep taking it, so they can keep themselves awake days on end.

8)Amphetamine Abuse – Amphetamines are not the same as methamphetamine. This type of drug is an upper. They cause the user to gain confidence and energy. Some of the side effects include anxiety, weight loss, appetite loss and more. One of the main medications which is abused from this category is Adderall, an ADHD/ADD medication.

These are the top 10 most commonly abused illegal drugs. While some of them can be prescribed, there are still millions of people abusing them or becoming addicted to them. If you have an addiction to these drugs, you may already be suffering from the many side effects. Remember, abuse of any type of drug or medication can lead to fatal side effects. It may depend on the dosage you take, how much is taken, how often you take the drug and many other factors. Don’t risk your life for these drugs. Get the help you need today.

Addiction RecoveryCan You Get Help For an Addiction?

Yes. You can get help for an addiction. If you have been abusing or become addicted to any of these top 10 illegal drugs or any other kinds of drugs, you can contact the rehab center to get into an Elite Rehab Placement right away.