Tired of The Same Old Rehab Experience? You Might Need Something Different


When you’re tired of the same old rehab experience, chances are you’ve been through it a time or two before. It’s also pretty likely that you didn’t connect with the process, or you might not be feeling tired of the situation right now. Did you know that rehab isn’t a sure thing? Did you know that you don’t always “get it,” the first time around? Did you know that different types of addiction treatment can have a profound impact on how well you embrace addiction recovery for the long-term?

As it turns out, many people who have gone to rehab before actually find that it didn’t work because they simply couldn’t mesh with the process and just didn’t really feel the same way that everyone said they should. So, maybe they worked their steps and then did the best they could for a while, or maybe they just told themselves that rehab wasn’t for them.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Lots of people who go to rehab find themselves relapsing many times before finally getting clean for good. Others do great for many years, and then out of nowhere begin to drink or use again.

Understanding Addiction Can Help

Now, whenever anyone goes to addiction treatment, they will go through classes that help them to understand their addictions better. Sometimes, this is with the help of a speaker, or teacher, or therapist, or counselor. Other times, most of the information is doled out with the help of a movie. However it goes, it might not cover a lot of the deeper things that researchers are discovering about addictions because many treatment facilities feel that when you hear that addiction is considered to be a “chronic” condition and that sometimes treatment doesn’t help, you will be likely to get up and leave instead of feeling enlightened.

The thing is, when you’re dealing with any chronic condition, you want to know how to manage it, and that often takes the help of professionals. Diabetes is a chronic condition. You can manage it, but not without the help of your doctor.

So, why would you try to manage your addiction without the help of professionals who understand it better than you and know the things that can really be beneficial to your healing? Lots of times, you wouldn’t. And that’s where a great rehab gets that giving you the understanding and education you need about your addiction can actually help them to want to seek treatment more than if you just leave the whole thing to the imagination.

These days, you’ll find that many addiction treatment programs actually address addiction for what it is for many different reasons, but mostly because there is a sad misconception that was floating around for years that a stay in rehab will cure your addiction. For many, it just made them better at hiding what they did.

Boosting the Desire for Treatment

If you’re worried that rehab is all about making you feel bad for your addiction, or wants you to split up with your significant other, you’re thinking about the old type of rehab. These days, more education and understanding have helped addiction treatment professionals to find new ways to make you really want to get treatment and see it through. Telling you to split with the person you love obviously isn’t going to make you feel good, but helping you to see the good times that the two of you should be, and can be enjoying might make you want to stick around a while.

Another way that many treatment facilities are working to help people to want to seek treatment and stay in it is to address their specific needs. For a long time, there was really no place for those who lived alternative lifestyles. Their group of friends that used or drank understood them, and that’s what kept them coming back to it.

Now, there are thousands of rehabs that cater to the LGBTQ community, and they are providing safe places for those who struggle to find their place in all other aspects of life. Acceptance, love, and understanding are first on the list in these places and it’s actually making a difference in the treatment experience. It’s also helping recovery rates skyrocket.

The idea is that the more people who want to seek treatment for their addictions, the more people have a really solid beginning to their recovery journey and the more people actually have a fighting chance to help tame this illness and live a healthy, happy life. So, unlike what many people believe, those who staff rehabs really do care about your success, wellbeing, and desire to be there in the first place.

Making Treatment Easier to Get

When you’re tired of the same old rehab experience, you’re likely to figure it’s too darned expensive for you, anyway. It used to be that you didn’t go to rehab unless you had a very fat wallet, but these days, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, more and more insurance companies are actually offering some really solid coverage for their clients who are struggling with addictions, and this means that addiction treatment options are becoming easier and easier to get.

In fact, depending on your insurance plan, and your coverage limits, you might even find that you have to pay very

little to go to a really wonderful addiction treatment facility. For many, this is a huge load that is lifted from their backs, and it is something well worth looking into when you’re at the place that you think you might want to start kicking your addiction.

Not only is it becoming easier to afford, but many rehabs are creating more and more openings, so more beds are available when people need and want them. In some parts of the country, there are lots and lots of detox beds, but the waiting list to go to addiction rehab is long and can take forever to get through.

For many, this time is spent using, and for some, fatally overdosing. Too many treatment programs recognize the need for more treatment beds and are adding them as soon as they can get the funding and provide the space. This is great news for those who believe that they simply won’t be able to find a place to go because chances are, you will find a place, and much sooner than later.

Maybe it’s Time to Take Another Look

If you’re tired of the same old rehab experience, but you’re also ready to overcome your addiction, it might be time to take another look at rehab and the changes that have been made lately. One of the best things about rehab these days is the variety of programs, methods, and ways of thinking about addiction that really help people to live clean and sober.

If you haven’t taken a look in a while, maybe it’s time to consider it again. We can help you find a wonderful rehab that isn’t like the last time you went. It will be a place where you feel connected and like you belong, and where you can get your recovery started off the right way.

At Elite Rehab Placement, we believe that everyone deserves treatment if they want it, and they deserve to have it the way they need it. This means that our caring addiction counselors get to know you and your addiction, and help you to understand the many different treatment options available to you, and then they give you a list of facilities that they believe you will be interested in. If you like it, then you make a call, get to know the program and the facility a bit, and get ready to check in.

If you don’t, you can move on, or you don’t have to. There is no obligation, and it won’t cost you anything, so you really have nothing to lose. Besides, when you talk to our insurance specialists, at least you’ll gain a solid understanding of what’s covered, and how much you’ll likely wind up paying, and sometimes, that can change your mind about going to treatment.

No matter what, you need to know that if you’re tired of the same old rehab experience, you aren’t alone. You should also know that you don’t have to avoid treatment just because you think it’s all going to be the same. Instead, give us a call today and find out how we can help you to enjoy a healthy, happy start to your recovery journey.