Time for Treatment–What are You Waiting For?

common alcohol withdrawal symptomsTime for treatment comes on its own timetable despite if you think it’s a good time or not. And, really, when is treatment ever convenient? For that matter, when is having an addictive illness that needs treatment ever convenient either? Of course, the answer to both those questions is never. It’s simply fact, but putting off treatment, and waiting for a ‘better’ time to get treatment, are simply postponements and excuses if we are to be honest. The ‘better’ time we seek has nothing to do with when work slows down or soccer season is over. The ‘better’ time we realy want is a time in which treatment doesn’t seem like such a commitment or so much effort. That time isn’t going to come. However, it’s normal to wish for things like that when you’re already beaten down by active addiction.

Wanting a Softer, Easier Way

All of us during adversity hope and wish for a softer and easier way. Adversity is painful emotionally and physically, and addiction is nothing if not a full person, full life and painful malady. Of course, we want relief, reprieve, respite and a softer, easier way to go. We’re human, after all, so go easy on yourself if you’ve been looking for an easier way out of your addiction than treatment and recovery. If you are a loved one of someone who has done that, mobilize some compassion by thinking of your loved one’s pain.


Hopes and wishes aside, if it’s time for treatment because you’re ill and you’re life has fallen apart… not to mention that you can’t stoop using on your own… then you have to take action. Asking yourself some questions can help you get mobilized. For example:

  • What am I really waiting for?
  • What am I trying to avoid?
  • What am I afraid of?
  • Am I too ashamed to ask for help?

And, facing some helpful facts can help you get mobilized, too, such as:

  • Addiction is an illness not a statement about your character or morality.
  • Treatment is your best option for overcoming your addiction.
  • Rehab programs can support you through all your fears, anxieties and misgivings.
  • You can sidestep shame, fear and procrastination in order to do what you need to do.
  • You don’t have to be without fear, anxiety or shame to get help. You simply act despite those feelings.
  • Your pain will pass if you get the right help and do the right things.
  • You can reclaim your life.
  • You deserve to reclaim your life.