Thoughts for the Day – Inspiration can Help


Annoyances Quote 001Many of us have a way of rehashing thoughts for the day. We think back on the day, what it has brought, and what we can take away from our experiences. When we’re trying to accomplish something new, or fight through tough times, we often choose inspirational quotes or thoughts to carry with us all day long. Much of the time, they really help. They ground us and remind us of the benefits of where we’re standing in this life.

When you’re in addiction recovery, you’re likely looking for ways to stay clean and sober as you go through your life. Each day is a new adventure, but it’s also a chance for things to go very wrong. Inspiration can help us to remember that it’s just one day. One bad day doesn’t equal a lifetime of unhappiness.

The thing is, if you’ve never considered looking for inspirational thoughts for the day, you might not know where to go for them.

Support groups offer thoughts for the day

When you’re in addiction recovery, you’ll probably find yourself in a support group of some kind at some point. This is great, it’s essential, and it’s also a really wonderful place to get the inspiration you need to stay strong even in hardest times.

If you don’t meet every day and your group offers a daily email or newsletter, sign up. You’ll gain valuable insight and inspiration. Plus, it will help you to feel connected, even when you don’t meet.

Online support

Believe it or not, but there are tons of addiction recovery websites out there. You might even find online support groups. Just like your physical support groups, you can gain helpful insight when you check in. On the upside, many of these groups offer daily inspirational thoughts and quotes to help keep you strong no matter what stage of recovery you’re in.

Recovery material

When you chose your addiction recovery program, chances are, you received some material. Helpful books and pamphlets often contain the inspiration and quotes that will keep you connected to your recovery journey through out your addiction-free life.

You might also want to consider your own journals when it comes to thoughts for the day. You may find that by looking back on your journey, you learn a lot about yourself and begin to feel tremendously inspired by your recovery progress so far.

We can all use a little boost in our lives. When it comes to your recovery, thoughts for the day that offer inspiration, strength, and hope can be just what keeps you going when nothing else does.