Think a Drug Detox Kit will Help? Think Again


alcoholism-aftercare-and-recoveryMany people think that if they buy a drug detox kit, it will not only help them to pass that impending drug test, but it will also make them get over the riskiest part of the detox process. Unfortunately, while many of these kits have proven to be effective, they are not a replacement for actual drug detox.

So, what do you need to know before you decide to get a drug detox kit? Turns out, you might need to know quite a lot.

Drug detox kits aren’t always effective

While some of these detox kits have been shown to be helpful when trying to pass a drug test for legal reasons, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t residual substances in your system. In fact, you might find that the detox kit you choose leaves more than a lot of the substance of choice behind. Not only do you not get rid of the traces that show in a court-ordered drug test, but you’re still struggling with withdrawal symptoms.

Not only that but many of these kits are pretty expensive. You might also find that they do more to make you sick and miserable than going through the legitimate process, and that can be worrisome to many.

You should also know that just because you’ve decided to use a drug detox kit, it doesn’t mean you won’t still be addicted to the substances that you use. Your addiction will still be there, and you’ll still be craving it. In fact, you might even find that you struggle with withdrawal symptoms.

Is there anything good about them?

Many people wonder if there is anything even remotely good about a drug detox kit. It’s a common question. How can they market it if it’s not good? The truth is that some of the ingredients of many kits are okay on their own. You might even find that some of them do help you to cleanse your system and get you through the worst of the potential withdrawal symptoms that not using can cause.

However, it is also possible that common sense dictates that when you’re using a drug detox kit, you’re also abstaining from the source of your addiction for a while. This ensures that not only will the kit do it’s work, but by simply choosing not to use for a time, you’re cleansing your system on your own.

So, is there anything good about drug detox kits? If you’re looking for a healthy start to your addiction recovery process, then a kit is definitely not the way to do it. However, if you’re looking for a short-term solution, then you might be okay.