Do you know what the financial burden of addiction recovery really is? Yes, those who battle an addiction find that they are seriously broke and cannot hold a job, but there is another problem that keeps people from continuing with their treatment efforts, even when they need to. It’s the financial burden of staying in treatment to maintain a strong addiction recovery.

So, what’s really going on with how much recovery costs? And is there any way to fight it and not suffer financially from getting clean?

  • moneyThe cost of rehab is scary. Many don’t seek addiction treatment because they are afraid they cannot afford a stay at rehab. When they do choose to go, it’s often for the least amount of time possible. Insurance can offset much of these costs, but many states now offer grants and financing to help make the financial burden of addiction recovery easier to bear.
  • Continuing with therapy after rehab might not be covered by insurance. While insurance coverage of addiction treatment has improved, it can still run out at some time. Many find that they need to continue with their individual therapy sessions after they are done with rehab and their aftercare program. If insurance doesn’t pay, they aren’t getting the treatment they may need. Consider a therapist who works on a graduating scale and works with your income to determine how much you will pay for ongoing treatment.
  • Meetings have a bad rap. Attending AA meetings is free, and if you find a great group, you’ll find support that you didn’t know you couldn’t live without. But, many AA groups have a really bad rap. Many judges order people who have been convicted of drug or alcohol related crimes to attend rehab, and some feel that this encourages bad behavior. However, AA and NA meetings have been shown to be highly effective when used properly.
  • The high paying jobs are usually stressful. One thing that many begin to learn in recovery is that they need to find work that won’t stress them out and make them want to relapse, but nobody wants to work a small job forever. The truth is that high paying jobs are often pretty stressful and hard to deal with. So, many return to a higher paying job and risk the stress.

The financial burden of addiction recovery isn’t something that should be ignored. It’s a problem that many simply cannot cope with, and when rehab doesn’t work the first time, families often find that they are stuck trying to pay for attempt after attempt to overcome addiction. There are ways to offset the costs, but if you don’t know how, you might find that you’re facing a daunting financial situation.